Because I’m Bored Out of My Mind

When I’m really bored, I change my Facebook cover image.

When I’m really super bored, I change my profile image, too.


I’ve been goofing around with this for hours now.

What did I do to uselessly kill time before Al Gore invented the internet? I seriously don’t remember!!

I downloaded about 4 million pretty FREE wallpapers, so I’m going to post a few on here…..because I’m bored!!

Wolf-And-Bird-Wallpaper-Free-Background-Desktop-Images-541278 1507 images (3) amazing-desktop-bird-cage-free images free_digital_art_big_shark_wallpaper

me8.png me5 BeFunky_null_2.png


5 responses to “Because I’m Bored Out of My Mind”

  1. You’re looking and sounding a bit melancholy… just a wee bit…. You’ve been so busy finding homes for your beloved doggies, maybe that’s why…. How many do you have now 1 or 2… ?? I hope that 2015 is so good for you and less stressful. Take care Catherine… Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.. Diane xo


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