Merry Christmas to Me!!!

pashaIt’s amazing how my life seems so much lighter and more peaceful with one or two simple changes.

First up, my truck. As you all know, the truck my dad gave me has been experiencing some problems. First the fuel pump, then the water pump. Then the transmission. The transmission alone cost $1495, and there just was no way I was going to be able to scrape that up anytime soon.

I’ve been using a friend’s truck, but now that it is winter, he really needed it back. He was using his motorcycle. My ex broke up with his latest girlfriend, and moved to house about a mile away from me. He was happy to give me rides to and from work, but that has been its own stress mess. Awkward. I need to not be relying on exes for anything.

After a particularly upsetting evening with my ex, I decided to go to my boss and just ask for some help. I hate asking for help. I really do. But I hate trying to secure rides to and from work even more, so I bit the bullet, and threw myself on his mercy. And he totally helped me out!! I have my truck back, and with it, my sense of independence!! Thank you, Jesus!!

Second thing, the dogs. Let’s face it. The dog thing was getting completely out of hand. I finally decided that while I’d love to build an ark and save all gmc jimmuthe animals, the problem is way too big for me to fix. I decided to take back my home, do my best to find homes for these dogs, but set a cut-off date where I take them to the pound. Monday is that day.

Within an hour of posting Sparrow and Pasha on the internet, Pasha was adopted by the best couple I’ve met yet. They took their time, let Pasha get used to them a little. They had a lovely collar and leash, the same expensive all organic dog food I am breaking my ass to buy these dogs each week, and realistic expectations for a seven month dog who has never been with anyone but us. I wanted them to adopt me. 🙂

I know these things aren’t huge, but  in my world, they really make a difference. I’m so blessed tonight!!

~ Bird

4 responses to “Merry Christmas to Me!!!”

  1. I’m so glad that some of your stress level has decreased…I hope it continues and that you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel…. You are an amazingly strong woman with such a soft gentle spirit for the less fortunate, even for your doggies… but you need some respite… Take care Catherine……. Diane

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  2. Yay! Those are huge things, so happy for you! And while I can’t start an arc right now either, if you have any more mechanical issues, just send me a message. I’ll be happy to help ya out however I can. Merry Christmas!


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