Princess Jasmine, Brad Cooper, & Green is the Color of My Soul

one direction member is the best one for meHave you ever taken one of the many personality quizzes floating around the internet these days? Admit it. You know you have.

I imagine we all have taken a silly quiz at some point or another. It’s fun to see similarities between ourselves and the characters or people we find entertaining, beautiful, or admirable. What could be wrong with delving into some light researching about what makes you tick? There are some reliable personality tests, research articles written by people who have studied behaviors for decades, and even public forums that collect the mass opinions? Information is always a positive thing, right?

Wrong. Information can be valuable, or it can be totally worthless, especially if you find it on Facebook.

With the considerable collection of on-line tests and quizzes designed to cultivate self-awareness and understand the psychology of the human mind, you’d think our kids would be a little better at figuring themselves out. Instead, they are not only as clueless about the human id as the rest of us, but they struggle with simple communication skills, display a poor tolerance for boredom for even the tiniest amount of time, and spend a large portion of their time interacting with fictional characters in fictional worlds on their video games. fb quiz

Our kids seem to be born with the skills to maneuver their way around social media, smart phones, and video game consols, yet their ability to effectively and clearly communicate with someone who is physically present and noticeably looking right at them, seems to have really taken a hit.

I think I might have figured out why.

Quizzes I found on Facebook:

  • Would I survive the Hunger Games?
  • What totem animal am I?
  • Which Disney Princess am I?
  • How long will I be able to survive the zombie apocalypse?
  • What color is my soul?
  • How will I die?
  • Am I a poser or a goth?
  • What kinds of guys do I attract?
  • Am I a good kisser?
  • Which Zelda world am I from?
  • Does my boyfriend really love me?
  • Which celebrity actor will be my husband?
  • Am I a colored crayon, a sharpie, a marker, or a colored pencil?
  • Which emoticon am I?
  • Am I related to Big Foot?
  • Will I be a serial murderer?
  • Am I psychotic retard?
  • Yikes.

It explains so much, doesn’t it?

~ Bird




3 responses to “Princess Jasmine, Brad Cooper, & Green is the Color of My Soul”

  1. I’ve always treated these Facebook tests as a bit of fun. Some give interesting results, some are complete nonsense. However, I’m long enough in the tooth to understand myself reasonably well, and am able to dismiss the erroneous results. I suppose you’re right to worry about the younger generation who have yet to ‘discover themselves’ fully, and may be ‘led astray’ by such things and deceived, especially if they have little tests for such serious and complex topics as sexuality!

    There IS a whole generation who communicate via social media and are practically incapable of real conversation, and some end up in direct confrontations online who would never have the courage to say the same things to your face. I have an in-law who does just that, and he is a right pain in the ass!!

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