Calling All You Creative Blogging Geniuses!!!

Since I am among creative blogging geniuses, I’m going to ask for a little help.

I want to host some kind of blogging game for Christmas on the blog I maintain for Stand-By Personnel. I have a hard time coming up with ideas for work blogs, and everything I can possibly scrape together about staffing has pretty much been written already. I just adore holidays because I get to go a different way with everything.

I think I’d like to engage my audience with a game similar to Two Truths, One Lie. ( You list two true statements and one false one, and let people guess which is which).

Does anyone have something like this that I could have some fun with???

Thanks for all of your help!!

~ Bird


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4 responses to “Calling All You Creative Blogging Geniuses!!!”

  1. How about recreating the twelve days of Christmas but using things relevant to your work, you know what I mean five plumbers plumbing, six copiers copying, what ever fits then find humorous pictures on google to illustrate it

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