A Drop of Hope Goes A Long Way

big dogThis isn’t going to be a long post. Long story short, I’m going through probably the worst difficulties I’ve had in a while, and it is hard to stay upbeat and positive about things. Still, something small can happen, and the amount of hope it restores is kind of amazing.

About a week or so ago, a beautiful golden lab was dumped for mysterious reasons near my house. I feed strays, and clearly, word has spread among the animal population that I’m the place to go if you’re down on your luck. This beast was hungry, shy, and incredibly laid back. I watched the kids next door play with him, and my dogs and cats adored him. I watched him to see if maybe he was sick but he wasn’t. I have no idea why someone would dump a dog so wonderful.

It snowed last night, and Rebekkah and I couldn’t leave him out there. Being easily 85 pounds, we tried dragging in the house, but he brushed us off like we were newborn kittens. We finally were able to pick him up and put him inside, and out of the snow. Thinking that people love huge animals like this, I snapped a picture of him and put up notice on Facebook. The outpouring of concern and offers of help were incredible, and I literally cried a little at how quickly this big teddy bear of a dog found a really, really good home. Sometimes, the callousness of people makes me sick. But there are good people out there too, who will put themselves out to correct wrongs they themselves would never dream of doing. A little of my faith in mankind has been restored this morning.

~ Bird

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  1. I get so angry with people who can discard or abuse animals… more than angry I feel almost sick… I’m glad your story had a happy ending.

    So sorry though that you’re feeling stressed Catherine…hope you feel better soon.. Diane


    • Thank you, Diane. I’m waiting for the Lord to make an appearance in all of this. I know He’s coming, if I can just hold on until then. I put that dog on Facebook, full expecting people to offer up condolences but nothing more. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep feeding him long…he eats a lot of food, and I can’t afford it. Within 59 minutes, he had been adopted and picked up. Thank God!! The only thing worse than what I’ve been going through is having an animal starve to death at the same time.

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  2. Great story sis. God is good, all the time. Awesome and a bit “mysterious”, how the Lord knows just where to place these precious critters. One time, when my oldest son lived in Denver, a little boy about 10 years old, knocked on my son’s door. He had a gorgeous Black Lab by his side. This is what he said to my son, “Mister, my parents are moving out of the state and said I can’t take my dog with me, and so I am looking for someone who will take him and give him a good home. My parents said If I couldn’t find someone they were going to have to have him put down. He’s a really good dog, mister, so would you please take him?” My son did take him that very night. That dog became “Aspen” and lived for many more faithful and happy years with my son”. 🙂


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  3. I’m so sorry you are facing so many troubles, but it looks like you found yourself a friend– a friend who needs you and will comfort you and provide companionship and unconditional love without judgment. He is blessed because of your generosity and compassion. Hang in there!


  4. As the owner of a beautiful bear-like 100 pound yellow lab, this thrilled me! My big baby got me through the loneliest times of my life. Labs are fur-wrapped therapy. I recommend one for all. You’re in my prayers.

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  5. The stories that touch me the most are always about animals. I’ve never visited this blog before but I’m very glad I did. Thank you for this experience you’ve shared. Sounds as if Bird and bear met eachother just a the right time… when he needed a home and you needed some faith reinstalled. Maybe things do happen for a reason.
    All the best.x

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  6. From one who has realised he’s really in a depression, and is seeking answers for how to conquer it, more than just ‘have faith!’ or other trite sentiments, still writing that book about my search for contentment, you’ve helped me a bit. I needed reminding that people are out there who care and I thank God for the good souls:

    As I turn to you and I say
    Thank goodness for the good souls
    That make life better
    As I turn to you and I say
    If it wasn’t for the good souls
    Life would not matter


    Now I’ll offer a trite ‘keep your chin up!’ – LOL!

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