Postcards From Hell

addictionI hope you all will visit the page I added today called Postcards From Hell. In it, I have collected a small sampling of various comments from readers who shared a little bit about their own experiences with addiction, whether their own or in the life of some they love. It seemed wrong to leave these voices unnoticed. ~ Bird

2 responses to “Postcards From Hell”

  1. My dear Bird, I’m about halfway through the Postcards from Hell page. Brilliant idea, very validating of the marginalized and hurting. I picked up on someone, or something criticizing the length of that post, and really, any of your posts past 1k words.
    I am familiar with the same ‘wisdom’, and as a teacher, I am afraid there is some truth to the idea that brevity will get you more readers.
    I would like to refer you to Neil Postman’s “Amusing Ourselves To Death”. In this book, written in the 80’s, before the ubiquitous presence of screens of all sorts, Neil mourns the shift of our society from the word to the image.
    This is a terrible trend that has obstructed development of the literate person. Images are easily manipulated. The written word is much more thoughtful and complete. Your more lengthly posts give vivid detail of the horrors of that time, and to change them in anyway would diminish the power of the message. Certainly, to have added an excess of imagery to them would have run the danger of rendering the message trite.
    Stick to your guns. Lengthly posts stand athwart this dismaying trend of an increasingly illiterate public.
    Much love,

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