My Beach, My Ocean

birds-on-the-treeA conversation I had last night brought up the question, should anyone have unfettered access to say whatever they want on someone else’s blog. When I first started this thing, I set the setting to allow anyone to write whatever they wanted on here. I changed it about a week later after I started getting strange, twisted, and downright dirty, messages.

The way I see it, no where else in our lives do we allow people unfettered access to our private things. We don’t give our house keys to strangers or let just anyone borrow our cars. People come into our homes by invitation or invasion, and the two outcomes are very, very different.

The side effect of having a somewhat popular blog these days is, if I have a disagreement with someone, the blog always comes up. Do you all remember the most recent Stalker Incident? Well, the thing that really upset him about the whole thing wasn’t that his weirdo behavior had freaked me out, nor was it how everyone he contacted had blown him off. It was that I would not approve his long, Stalker Manifesto comment. He was super offended that I would screen him on my blog site.

Seriously, dude? Send me your Facebook password so I can write on your wall.

One really cool thing about all this blogging stuff is, anyone who wants to start their own blog can. It costs nothing. But when you visit other people’s sites, it’s not yours to besmirch, disrespect, or antagonize. This is my blog. My beach, my ocean. If you need to put the word out there about something going on in your life, start your own blog. Don’t bother getting angry with me because I won’t lend you my soapbox to preach something I don’t agree with from. Get your own.

~ Bird

5 responses to “My Beach, My Ocean”

  1. That’s the way I look at it, Bird. It goes for friendships you didn’t foster or encourage. too.Just because someone without a life wants a piece of yours to glom onto, doesn’t mean you have to allow it. I believe in the principle of have boundaries to guard your inner circle. If you’ve ever had a human camel trying to push their nose into your proverbial tent, you know what I mean.


  2. Yup, not safe at all to leave your blog open like that. I’ve had one experience early on where someone copied one of my photos, edited it to change the coloring, etc. and sent it back to me saying she thought it looked better now that she had “fixed” it. My head almost exploded. I let her know in no uncertain terms that she was never to steal my work again in any way. Craziness goes on out there!

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  3. I recently changed my settings to where I have to approve every comment. I usually do approve most of them because most are great, but I ran into a rash of people using my blog to attack other bloggers who had blocked them, they also sent put links to comments that people who comment on my blog had left other places trying to convince me that other bloggers were bad. I was like ‘seriously are we in jr high???This stuff had nothing to do with my blog post and did not belong in my comments. I totally agree with your post.


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