Facebook Wisdom for My Now Defunct Anniversary

Chef & my anniversary was November 2, which would have been today. I don’t feel especially nostalgic but since I have to write a post a day for November, it seemed like a cheap, easy way to write something. 🙂

Back when I still cared, I would write long letters, pleas, sad posts…all in an effort to get Chef to stop doing what he was doing and make all of this right for me again. Chef’s response was to completely ignore every word I wrote, whether it was in notes, emails, or on a blog. Now, I find out he actually reads my stuff now. Poor Chef. A day late and a dollar short.

I’m feeling good today, so I thought I’d keep this post kind of short. I have to write the next chapter in my book, so I’ll leave you all with some Break-Up Facebook Wisdom. Love ya, mean it!! ~ Bird

404 images Reality-Vs-How-It-Is-Supposed-To-Be 654080 break up GoodFacebookStatusesMindPictures-15155 images (4) knife in the back

images (3)

images (2)

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cheating ass husband

cheater three

cheater too


asking to die awesome drunk believing the liesa bitter over someone blog (1) blog broken-my-love center of the universe cheating-quote-quotes circle of trust deserved everyone 2 ex with memories god-quote-quotes-love im awesome

7 responses to “Facebook Wisdom for My Now Defunct Anniversary”

  1. Well, I’m glad he reads the letters now. Maybe he’ll realize what damage he’d done. Yes, too little too late, but better than never. I too wrote and wrote and begged and pleaded with my ex. In my case, I highly doubt he’ll read or keep anything I touched. So at least Chef cares enough to read! Btw, very amusing pictures.

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    • I’m sorry you know exactly what I’m talking about. That is probably the worst feeling in the world. It doesn’t matter to me that Chef reads it now. He takes my words and twists them to his own satisfaction. At first I had hoped something was sinking in, but I gave up. The Chef I knew either never existed or disappeared the minute he started using again. It doesn’t matter what this new version says or does, it is never enough to make up for any of it. I thought each one of those pictures described how I feel perfectly. Thanks for reaching out, Kirk. I really appreciate it. 🙂

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      • You’re right, the person you thought you knew is not the person he became. I’m so sorry that happened to you (to him?). I understand twisting words… My parents constantly complain that I’m manipulative. I can honestly say I don’t intend to be. But that’s not to let Chef off the hook. He may interpret your letters different than you intended, he may blame you… It’s not your fault. You loved and supported him beyond what most people would do. Maybe someday he’ll realize what a treasure he lost. Until then, as I know all too well, nothing matters but scoring the next hit.

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  2. Don’t look back, girlfriend! But it’s good that Chef IS looking back by reading your posts. Hopefully, with remorse and true repentance for his own soul’s sake.

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