My Ocean of Problems: #3 Toilet From Hell

leaksMy next rant is about the stupid toilet in the Blue House. I’m convinced it is straight from the depths of hell.

I have satan’s used toilet.

Since Day 1, that thing has never worked correctly. Besides being a year-long petrie dish for The Plague until the landlords were forced to clean it, it would run constantly. At first, I thought the chain on the thingy-bob inside the tank needed to be shortened because it seemed to get stuck under the stopper thingy. That helped for about 6 minutes.

Bird – 1

Toilet – 0

Then, the tiny extra pressure on the rusted out chain caused it to break. I next rigged it so the chain was McGyver-ish but dependable and sturdy…..

Bird – 1

Toilet – 1

And then the plastic part that actually held the chain broke off, not an hour later.


Bird – 1

Toilet – 2

We started to turn the water off completely at the floor to keep the water from running constantly, and that worked for about a week and a half. Then the seals broke, and all the turning on the knob in the world doesn’t stop the water.

Bird – 1

Toilet – 3

I bought a kit to replace the whole thing, but now, I can’t turn the water off to replace it. The landlord obviously has no intention of addressing this.

Bird – Not even in the game anymore

Toilet – Laughing its Tank Off

This has been going on so long now, the sound of running toilet water instantly pisses me right off. 😦

Dad is on his way up from Austin, and he says he can fix it for me. Poor Dad. I have a pretty long list of stuff I need help with.

~ Bird

11 responses to “My Ocean of Problems: #3 Toilet From Hell”

  1. Oh geez… Fun story.. My boyfriend had a broken toilet, sounds kind of like your issue at first, that he let go and let go and let go. Then one morning, he came home from work to find his entire house flooded with about 1 inch of water. After all was inspected, said and done the damage was around $10,000.


    • Aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine?! Lol…I’m glad I didn’t read this earlier. I might have jumped!! 🙂

      The sound, the inconvenience, and the water bill are driving me insane. If my house gets flooded, that will be the straw that broke the birdie’s mind!


      • Hopefully you have renter’s insurance. Thankfully, Mike has home owner’s insurance. I have been trying to convince him that it was a blessing in disguise. Except it happened two days before we were supposed to leave on vacation to Colorado. He did however get new carpet, new wood floors, new bathroom flooress and we painted pretty much the entire house. It took a long time to get it all done though. Almost 60 days. I felt really bad for him.

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