Google & The End Times

downloadThis morning, I attending a seminar about Google, specifically as a marketing tool for businesses. I have to admit, I think I may be traumatized.

As a marketing specialist, I was impressed by what Google can deliver in the ways of advertising for the business I work for. Google has created advertising that gives businesses a ton more bang for their buck than we’ve ever seen in advertising before. By using complex, individual-specific information gathered about each and every person using Google Search Engine, advertising is delivered to those who are most likely to purchase your product. Awesome, right?!

For the marketing me, yes.

For the me as a whole, though, no.

As a consumer, I feel completely violated. By using my internet searches and purchases, they have a disturbingly accurate picture of me. Despite being the kind of open person that I am, there is a difference in me choosing to write about the things in my life as opposed to some faceless mega-corporation choosing to take that information about me and sell it to various companies that want my business.

As a Christian, I feel completely horrified. With the end times steadily approaching, bringing with it the times of the mark of the beast, I can’t help but think I have just witnessed the last part of the technology that was needed for that nightmare to be ready to launch. With Google able to construct surprisingly detailed, accurate profiles of who each of the more than 4 billion users from around the world are, there simply will be almost no way to hide your beliefs. For those of us today, even if we wanted to hide what we believe in the future, it is too late. For me, that is a sobering thought.

It’s coming, people. God help us all.

~ Bird


2 responses to “Google & The End Times”

  1. There’s nothing to worry ’bout, Birdie, because Google doesn’t want your soul, just your demographic and spending history so that they know how to advertise and get you to buy things.

    The book of Revelation’s Mark of the beast on the hand and forehead aren’t meant to be taken literally. What it does allude to how we are known for what we do with our hands and what we think with our minds. And Google won’t care about that…unless they can find a way to monetize it. =p


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