The Dilemma of the Half-Eaten Donut on the Ground by my Truck

DUNTUMaybe it’s the delirium of a three day weekend looming large in my future, but I noticed half of a donut on the ground by where I parked my truck this morning when I got to work. It looked somewhat fresh, chocolate with white frosting, and I really didn’t pay it much mind on my way to the door. Kinda gross throwing your food where people walk, but I’ve seen worse.

At lunch, it was still there, looking equally as fresh as four hours earlier. Immediately, I noticed the suspicious absence of ants, or other bugs, and began to wonder why the 48 strays in the area hadn’t snapped up that sugary treat when they were making their rounds.

Now I wonder if it is really a donut at all.

I’m afraid to get a closer look and yet afraid I’ll step on it if I don’t.

What fresh hell is this??

~ Birddonut

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