Rounding Up The Old and Charging Into The New

the pastThis week brought a lot of changes at my house and in my family.

First, my son Dj has gone to live with some of his other family. Because I am not going to humiliate him in public, let’s just say that he did something very, very wrong and is spending some time correcting his huge misstep while Rebekkah and I clean up the fall-out. Sometimes, the worst part about being a parent is doing the tough love thing. I hate it, but I love him enough to let him suffer through something this hard so he won’t have to pay a higher price down the road for something like this. Since I know he reads this, I want him to know he is forgiven, and we do love him….Love him enough to believe God’s got a plan for all of this too. As my son and a believer too, I have a confidence in him that knows he will pull his act together and get back in line with what the Lord has instructed him to do. You are in the desert for a time, DJ, but you won’t be there forever. I love you.

Second, I’ve been talking to my brother Michael so much more than we ever have as adults. I am actually tearing up as I write this. My sister alexaAlexa and I have been catching up too. What a wonderful God we serve that He would not forget my mother’s prayers, or my father’s as well, for that matter. Mike and Dad have each other’s phone dadmikecathienumbers, and Monday is the day they will finally be able to be reunited after 40+ years. I can’t wait for Michael to experience what having a parent like Dad feels like. It is so nourishing, healthy, and stabilizing. I can’t wait!!! Thank you, Jesus, so much!

Third, my truck broke down completely, and we are having to be chauffeured around by our little Russian roommate. She has been a blessing right from heaven as well. This week I’m going to put the truck in the shop to get fixed and pray like the dickens I can round up the money to get it back out again. I have perfect faith I will be able to.

Fourth, I spoke to the best law firm in Tulsa, Keesling Law Group, about getting a divorce….finally! How does the poorest citizen of Tulsa get to talk divorce with the best law firm in Oklahoma, you ask? Because I have made some really awesome friends in my time here in Tulsa, and they are more interested in helping me than making a bunch of money, that’s why! And even better, the small amount they are charging me is being paid for by Michael, my brother! Talk about a strange, wonderful twist in my story! Finally, there will be an end to the Chef and Bird chapter of my story.

Fifth, I passed the three month mark at Stand-By Personnel, and without hesitation, I can say, IT’S THE BEST JOB I’VE EVER HAD!!! I love themichael people I work for, the people I work with, and the people I work to help. It is just amazing how not hating your job can change so much about your attitude about life in general!

Sixth, part of Dj’s mistake was throwing Rebekkah and I in a huge financial bind. However, one day later, Stand-By Personnel was able to get Rebekkah a good paying job that works around her school schedule! She worked full-time this week, and goes to part-time starting next week. The company she went to work for treats her like a queen, and she has the freedom to apply herself completely to school first, then her work. She makes more money than me! We’ve both been walking on air around here.

A-TULSAWORLDLOGO-WithTagline-6-12-13-230x160And lastly, seventh, we are going to have to deal with a sad problem pretty soon. Jake, our elderly German Shepherd, is extremely old and sick. He has hip dysplasia and tumors growing everywhere. Even before I get the truck fixed, we are going have to find a way to put him down. If any of you know of some sort of charity that might help us do the humane thing for him, please let me know. I’ve googled it, and I’m finding nothing. I can’t do it myself…..I cry just looking at him. Please let me know!

It is going to be a fantastic weekend here, and I hope the same for all of you! Thank you for your continued patronage!!!

~ Bird

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8 responses to “Rounding Up The Old and Charging Into The New”

  1. I feel for your situation – “been there, done that” for most of the issues.
    Re your beloved pet… have you called your vet? I know many do not advertise this service, but if you explain the situation, he/she may come to your home for the euthanasia and arrange a discounted billing/payment arrangement. (It is one of the few things my ex did right in his practice.)
    Another alternative is to call the local animal control and have them intervene.
    If you can afford the euth procedure, google pet euthanasia tulsa ok (or your city). There are vets that will come to your home…less anxiety for the pet.
    I know how difficult this is, have had to make tough decisions in the best interest of my pets during and after the divorce. My thoughts are with you.


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