Good-Bye, Robin Williams

Robin Williams is gone. Does the world feel a little colder, less cheerful, and overall gloomier to anyone else besides me today? I adored this man’s portrayal as Popeye when I was a kid, and now, it feels like I lost a close friend, despite never having met him in person. Popeye has died in my mind, sadly laid to rest with Robin Williams. What a sad day.  Even sadder is knowing this poor guy was haunted by depression to the point he could not go on. That breaks my heart.

I am affected more by this celebrity death than most others because of how he reminded me of my father. He had a silly yet cleverness to his humor, and I laughed until my stomach hurt more times than I can remember. 

I know I speak for a massive amount of sad fans when I say, the world just won’t ever feel the same again, now that Robin Williams is gone. Rest in peace, Robin. We will miss you so much.

~ Bird


17 responses to “Good-Bye, Robin Williams”

  1. I am happy that you have addressed the other side of this tragedy. He had so much going for him in his life, it’s amazing how depression can take it all away. I am the first to say I’ve never been that down, that lost, that the only way out was to take my own life. My heart breaks for those who have traveled down that road. And blessed are those who are able to walk away from it. Robin Williams will be missed.


  2. Some of the most depressed and tormented (Buster Keaton) became clowns and or comedians as a way of hiding their pain. Buster Keaton was well known in the first half of the previous century. Famous for his stone like expression regardless. His childhood was hideous and ever so painful. Robin left us a legacy of laughter and joy which he himself could never truly embrace.


  3. Totally agree with you. I have never felt particularly affected by a celebrity death before, although I always think it is sad new. However, this really feels like I have lost a loved one. It’s incredible how he managed to get himself into the hearts of so many.


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