Updated and Made Even More Fantastic: Blog Side Story and Other Awesome Blog Names

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Update: Don’t forget to read the ones people put in the comments. Hands down, Mike and Brandy won with:


What Would Jesus Blog

I love witty little word play things. Yesterday evening, I was trying to find clever names for a friend who wants to set up a blog. In the end, he wasn’t as amused by the ones I came up with as I was. I laughed and laughed….

Potential, and Frankly, Super Awesome Blog Names Someone Should Use

1. 2001: A Blog Odyssey

2. It’s A Wonderful Blog

3. Snow White & The Seven Blogs

4. To Kill a Bloggin’ Bird (My favorite)

5. The Blogfather (My second favorite)

6. The Wizard of Blogs or The Blog of Oz

7. A Star is Blogged

8. Blog with the Wind

9. Rebel without a Blog

10. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Blog

11. Raging Blog

12. Ablogalypse Now

13. Go ahead. Blog my Day.

14. The Silence of the Bloggers

15. Bloggin’ in the Rain

16. The Adventures of Bloggin’ Hood

17. Some Blog it Hot

18. 12 Angry Bloggers

19. Dr. Bloglove

20. Saving Blogging Ryan

21. Raiders of the Lost Blog

22. The Best Blogs of Our Lives

23. Blog-Hur

24. Blogheart

25. Dances With Bloggers or Blogging With Wolves

26. Goodbloggas

27. The King’s Blog

28. Midnight Blogger

29. Rain Blog

30. The Blogs of Wrath



lol.. Let’s hear some of yours!!

~ Bird

50 responses to “Updated and Made Even More Fantastic: Blog Side Story and Other Awesome Blog Names”

  1. I loved these! My favorite was Blog with the Wind! Also, I too was confused by the wordpress start up instructions and would’ve done better had I understood better!


    • I love it. And no. I layawake in the dark and came up with those spontaneously. I got some more… It’s Been A Hard Blog’s Night… We Will, We Will Blog You, and Baby, I Love Your Blog…he, he. There’s probably millions…I can tell this is going to be a long, goofy week. My brain is still churning them out. 🙂


  2. The Good Blog
    Orphan Blog
    It’s Always Bloggy in Philadelphia
    Blog of the Concords
    Everyone Loves Blogging
    Blog In Cleveland
    Mel Brook’s Blogballs…lol.
    Blues Blog


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