My Stalker Was Busy Last Night – An Apology

stalker1To All My Blog Friends Who Met My Stalker Last Night:

I sincerely apologize for somehow involving you in my weirdo situation with this guy. This has been going on in my life for about two years now, and normally, it does not phase me much. Sadly, I have gotten used to it. I won’t answer accusations that clearly have no basis. Some of the greatest comment wars have happened on here, including the one where I am called a Whore of All Whores. Just ask Ivonne, who is,hands down, the Master Debater Extrodinaire in this realm!

Chef has unfettered access should he ever want to comment. I wrote the most about him, and he has that right. Everyone else, though, gets monitored unless I know you. That is just the way running a blog goes. It is always the people who don’t make sense that ever get turned away, and that is just how it has to be. I’ve seen people who very likely were mentally unstable get verbally attacked, and that can’t be good for anyone. Plus, this is where I go to sort things out in my head. I won’t let it become a sounding board for haters or liars.

The latest incident was triggered when I refused to approve a long, rambling, disturbing comment he wanted to post a day or so ago, and he was very vocal with other people we both know about his distress over this. I have approved some of his comments before, and he always gets annihilated by other readers. Somehow, it just feels wrong to let people pound him when I think he isn’t playing with a full deck. Plus, I am concerned over what unsuspecting comment could cause him to have a total mental break and possibly try to find me and hurt me.

His declaration that he is only trying to help me is the part I am freaked about. I believe he really believes that is what he is doing, but I don’t need or want that kind of help.

For those of you who sent me emails and FB messages to warn me, I sincerely appreciate your concern. I have notified the right people about his actions, and I am confident this matter will be addressed swiftly and with positive results.

Please don’t be too harsh on him. I don’t think he can really help himself.

I hope you have a pleasant day, and hopefully this has not caused too much of a distraction from it.



PS: The people I write about do exist. For legal purposes, their names have been changed. Dude. Really?

Also, every computer that stops by this site has their IP address recorded. It is not all that hard to track even addresses that are cloaked. So, even though you are trying to be anonymous, if needed, it is possible to find out your actual street address. Because of the stalker, I put that little feature on this blog practically from the beginning. I usually don’t track back any IP addresses; I’ve done this two times in two years. Both times, these people wanted to be threatening and still remain anonymous. I found both of them, and sadly, I knew who these people were. If you want to be hateful, understand the risk.

35 responses to “My Stalker Was Busy Last Night – An Apology”

  1. Poor darling girl! You have handled things beautifully. 🙂 I’ve been stalked a couple of times – once in real life, once from prison, can you believe? (he was in, not me, obviously) It can be pretty scary. There are a lot of ill people out there – mentally, emotionally. Your compassion and understanding for such ones comes through loud and clear. Best wishes for a speedy and positive conclusion! 🙂 We’re here for you, fellow blogster… Mother Hen


    • Me too! I have had two live stalkers, and then this guy on the internet. I’m starting to think it must be me!!!

      Thank you for the words of encouragement. I am more embarassed than anything. I find what he tends to write a bit unnerving, and I hate that he spread that nervousness around to people because of me. All I can do is apologize and explain.

      Thanks, my fellow blogger! You made me feel a little better! 🙂


  2. Darn,it sounds like I missed all the fun,;). Seriously Bird,you just never know what is going to send somebody over the edge, especially someone who may not be stable. Yes, I am the Ivonne that Bird is referring to and yes I am a warrior goddess and I will proctect those I love and care about to the death and yeah if I know I am right about something–like a dog in a dog fight I’ll debate ya with all the facts and information I have and I love Bird and hope to meet her someday. Bird you are an amazing and inspiring woman. Have a Blessed Sunday everybody.

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  3. Hey mom, I left my phone at home. I can’t think of another way to let you know. I love you.
    P.S. I read the blog. I especially liked the post script.


  4. So this may be a duplicate message. It made me log in. But I can’t tell, so (again) I left my phone at home. I don’t know how to let you know. I love you.


    • Ok, baby. Got it. Marie will be at the library waiting for you when you get out. Her phone number 918-813-7736 if you need to get in touch with her.


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