Recognizing Warning Signs

I’ve scoured my imagination for the last few days, trying to find a unique, clever, and creative new marketing strategy for work. I don’t want to be one of the many; I would like our company to stand out, with our competitors weeping with envy at our feet, and people lining up to watch our vans drive by, tossing flowers in our path.

Ok. Maybe I was over-shooting it.

Once in a while, I can become so entrenched in thought, I lose touch with what is going on around me. I won’t hear people speaking to me, will forget to eat, and become somewhat of a zombie-like person for a bit.

I think of it as “living on auto-pilot”. I admit, I can become unhealthily obsessed with a problem that is important to me.

I’m on day four of the Great Contemplation of Marketing Genius.

This afternoon, I sat staring off into space while in the bathroom, lost in thought. For probably the first time in days, something external caught my eye. A few inches from my foot,  a strange creepy bug  was straining frantically to turn himself over.


My mind immediately switched gears, and began to brainstorm changes that could be made to the bug’s exoskeleton that would correct the obvious design flaw.

I need to take a break before my brain overheats. 🙂

~ Bird


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