I’m Going Back To Church

I want a church like this.
I want a church like this.

I spent this evening looking for a church.

I know!! I’m as shocked as you are.

The thing is, it is all well and good to take my brother to task about not practicing what he preaches, but I am not without my own short-comings right now. I need to stop being so judgemental and hyper-critical about churches based on a few past wounds. I imagine every church has its own personality, and I’m sure God has one out there that can incorporate me in it somehow. I’m pretty rusty at this, and a bit defensive and edgy. I can’t help but already feel sorry for the poor church I end up in. I’m no picnic when I’m afraid.

I have been missing the company of fellow Christians for a while now. I feel like I’m spiritually starving, and instead of going to the buffet, I’m standing with my arms crossed and stomping my little feet to make a point that even I know is a big load of nonsense. There was a time to withdraw and heal, but that time came and went long ago. I have to get back in the saddle again.

So, I thought since I toasted Michael’s walnuts yesterday on here, I’d let you all know I’m dusting myself off and getting back on that old horse.

😦 Pray for me. 😦

~ Bird

PS: Per the law, since Mike runs a very popular, open FB page with his own name, I don’t have to hide what his real name is. It wasn’t an accident. But thank you for looking out after me!


17 responses to “I’m Going Back To Church”

  1. I was in the same place as you 2 years ago and I ask God to lead me to the Church he want me to go to. He is so faithful to answer. I found my home in a wonderful Church here. I pray that you find a Church that that God wants you in too. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Hi Bird, thank you for your post. It encourages me. I also miss not being with like minded people who knows the Higher Power of the universe as I know him, if that is possible. For me, going to church is for the people in the building not God. Though He is grateful for our presence, the Almighty has angels worshipping and praising him. Lifting our hearts to Him to build a relationship with our Father fills Him with joy. More importantly, we are filled with joy. This refreshing Spiritual fruit nourishes our entire being. Bird, I think the combined joy, God’s and ours, is what makes us one with His Spirit. I think this is spirituality. Love you. Dale


  3. I love your honesty. And you are just being as God already knows you, and already accepted you in His son. When once we have accepted His son…He alone then begins to finish the work(Philippians 1:6Amplified bible) until He returns by His spirit within us. We only need submit and follow His word, and His Spirit, which always agree with His will for us… and so we must just look to His word for His “known will” for us… in daily life. (Psalms 119:105, 2Pet1:3 ,Heb10:24-25, ) And pray for guidance for His “specific will” for us. (Eph2:10) as we can be led by the Spirit. (Rom8:14). He always assigns you a Pastor who will love you like He does, for couple reasons. (Jer3:15,Heb13:17 ) For the purpose, to help mature you in the Lord. And when you come together in a church to allow God to see His desire of “one body” worshipping in Him here now, a body that is “seeking” to be exactly loving like Him, and in this world be seen as His image as we were designed, and ‘”animated” as He intended(2Cor6:16)…By His Spirit being allowed to do so within us (1Cor6:17, Gal4:6) To bring Him glory by overcoming the darkness here now. (Eph5:8) Allowing His kingdom to be made known, and grown… through you now. (Mat6:33) Because He loves you and calls you His daughter…and gave you the power to be like and act like His child(John1:12 )…Just like the one who He gave us to listen too (John10:27) and follow “imitate”… Jesus (1Cor11:1 ) .. We are to have shepherds to help this process to see Him more clearly. Yet sis remember,always look first at Jesus and His word not the pastor…Because “we” all fall short of the glory of God. Pastors are human too…just given a different “assignment” in their plan God made for them to walk out. Ask God to direct your steps…He will! (Psalm37:23) You only need believe and delight in Him! And if you hear anything that does not agree completely with the bible… keep those lil hoofies moving until you find the right shepherd in the correct house God wants ewe. 😉 And to read these verses in Amplified bible just for “study”…to give you lil closer understanding to Greek word used interpreted into “our” English word… Here is web site to do that on for free.. http://www.biblegateway.com Blessing my sister from a lil shepherd in Florida.


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