Will I Ever Learn???

text my numberI changed my New Year’s Resolution today. Actually, I never set myself up for failure by actually putting in writing my goals for a year, but right now, I’m pissed and I am going to break my own rule. I need to set my goal and bring the pressure on myself up a notch.


I’ve been separated awhile now, and because of some of Chef’s past missteps, I keep my home address a secret from him. Simon has installed safety measures so I feel secure, plus we have several large dogs that are the best form of security ever. Chef, for whatever reasons, has kept most of his life a secret, too, which is the worst kept secrets ever. But I play the game. I do not give a rat’s ass about what he’s doing or who he’s doing it with.

Recently, I changed jobs, and I got behind on some of my bills. Chef had abandoned his old F150 truck over at a friend’s house months ago, and in a desperate moment, I asked him if it would be okay to sell it so I get caught up on my bills. He said yes.

In that one week, this man has promised to bring me the title and the license plate at least 10 times, and every time he has either forgotten or got mad at me, and refused to cooperate.

I caught him in yet another multitude of lies, and his reaction is to call  me a Liar, A Whore, and A Hypocrite. It’s like the fourth grade playground all over again. I’m not any of those things anyways, so they don’t strike home. The mindbender, for me, is that I am called all the things he is himself right now. Wtf???

I’m putting my finale with this relationship on paper. I’ll get caught back up on bills without his help. It was a dumb idea in the first place. I need some firm closure.

Next week, I am changing my phone number, and hopefully, I can find a lawyer who will take payments. I am finished being jerked around by a wretched man. I have all my friend’s phone numbers and I’ll let you guys know what I change it to, or you can get ahold of me on my FB page if you need to. I am finished being a dumb ass.

Rant Completed.

~ Bird

22 responses to “Will I Ever Learn???”

        • lol…I thought Tulsa was in Arizona when I first heard we were moving here. It’s in Oklahoma!

          If you decide you want to make the move, I’ll do whatever it takes to help you find a way here. Maybe a move would be nice?


            • I really love Tulsa actually, and that is saying a lot coming from a Texan. Texans tend to be disgustingly arrogant about their home state, including me, but I have to admit, Tulsa is fantastic. It has definite changing of the seasons, and so many of the trees bloom with different colored flowers, spring is just breathtaking. It is reasonably priced to live here. The roads suck big ones, but that doesn’t dampen my love for the place. There are great people here, trying to help those less fortunate. We have the BOK center which hosts all the popular music and sports venues. We have a lot jobs available. Maybe you can come visit some time and check it out. You can stay with me. It isn’t like the northern cities. It is slower, more laid back, but kinder, i think.


      • Like someone else mentioned you don’t need a lawyer to get a divorce. When I got divorced it was mutual -no contesting on either side so we filled out the paper work ourselves, we had to make a list of all property and who was getting what-everything had to be signed off on and then we filed with the county clerk. We did have to pay a filing fee of $500.00-but that was all we paid and in a year I got my final divorce decree. Also if they are any debts you have to list who pays what. I hope that helps.


  1. In some states so easy to actually get a divorce without an attorney since your children are not babies mine cost $50.00 🙂 worth checking it out.


  2. Hello Bird, I want to share what I did to support my family when I was down on my luck. I started cleaning. washing porches, patio chairs, garages, anything that someone’s honey wouldn’t do on the list.I charged price, by what bill was do that week. I paid the bills and banked some “cheese”….;)


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