A Time To Laugh, A Time to Cry

balanceIf you had the chance, would you choose to be happy all the time?

One thing I have found all around me in my life is balance. The universe exists in perfect balance. The moon, sun and stars are hung in just the right positions to give us light, warmth, and a sense of wonder. I understand the true value of a balanced life. There are times to be brutally honest, but times to also balance it out with compassion. Ecclesiastes wisely outlines this principle, and if applied to your own life, you will find a peace that stays with you, even amid the hurricanes of life.

I would never choose to be happy all the time. I also wouldn’t want to be sad all the time either. The truth is should a person ever find themselves able to be consistently, and unflinchingly happy for long periods of time, they would also lose the special feeling that accompanies such moments. And like any other drug, it would take a bigger dose each time just to achieve the same level of happiness you experienced the first time.

The things in life you truly treasure are directly related to how bad times were for you once too. We cannot define love without hate, up without down, here without there. And we can’t live in constant bliss without misery to show the contrast.

I look forward to those moments of pure happiness that pop up in my life from time to time, but I treasure the sad times that life can blow ashore as well. It with those I am able to measure my blessings of joy.

Happy Memorial Day!!

~ Bird

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