When It’s Good, It’s Really, Really Good

My Dad showed up Friday night at my door! I had absolutely no idea he was coming! It is amazing how only a few short months ago, the doctors were throwing words like “hospice” and “brain damage” around, and yet, here he is  not dying and with his brain in tact!! I guess we Mallicoat’s are just too hard to kill.

kids and dad

I have to admit…I am really enjoying having him around. I am experiencing a strange sensation of being taken care of, instead of being the one taking care of everyone else. Dad gave Dj and Rebekkah a truck, …a whole truck!!….completely paid off, road legal, and with insurance paid until November. He is insisting I eat, nagging me about smoking, and he even cooked for us. He even promised to take me to the zoo. I feel four all over again!

Man. I have really missed my Dad.

dad gives us a truck

We are walking around in a little daze here. No one has ever given us a whole truck before!!

I introduced Simon to Dad, and was relieved when they seemed to take to each other just fine. Dad told my first husband, Darren, that I could have done better than him, the first time they met. I had problems getting Darren to agree to spend any time with my family after that.

me and dad one

The next few weeks, Dad is going to instruct and over-see the kids building us a chicken coop. I am writing his stories down, which frankly, are hilarious and I am considering writing a book exclusively with those. I am looking around for a bed to put in my bedroom, and my sneaky plan is to set Dad up his own room, introduce him to my cool friends, and maybe even buy him a beautiful girlfriend…(just kidding…lighten up!), just so he’ll stay with me forever. I will let you know how that plays out.

I worked my first week as the marketing specialist at my new job, and I absolutely love it. Every single person there has been kind and helpful to me, and the atmosphere is fun and cooperative. It usually takes me time to relax around strangers, but I am already feeling less pensive about being the new girl. I am so grateful I got a job. I will be twice as joyful payday, when I get a paycheck for twice the amount  I was making at Moylan Staffing.

Life is looking pretty good at the moment!!

Caitie-Bug sent me a gorgeous antique watch for Mother’s Day. I’d post a picture, but I can’t get my cell phone to take good pictures, and my camera’s memory card is corrupted. Thank you, Bug!

Dj turned 24 this week. He was with my Dad in Texas, picking up the truck. He was treated like a king for the day, plus he got a truck… Best.Birthday.Ever.

I am currently working on a different post for today, but I wanted to first share my happiness with my blog friends. Despite the heavy themes I am writing about lately, I am actually quite joyful and optimistic over here these days.

Have a great day!

~ Bird


10 responses to “When It’s Good, It’s Really, Really Good”

  1. with some hesitation I went to meet Birds Father. He is all she said he would be and I was at ease with him. The greatest part of all this was reading her blog about how happy she was. Baby no one deserves to be happy more than you. Simon


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