The Real Tragedy of My Life

adam and chrisBekkie and I have been catching up on The Voice. Last year, my aunt got us hooked on this show. I like it better than American Idol and X-Factor because I can’t stand for people to be rude about someone else trying to live their dream. It doesn’t matter to me how awful someone is at singing…there is always a respectful way of letting them down. If they are that bad, don’t put them on the show. I find no entertainment value in humiliating anyone.

The Voice gets a little dreary with all the same encouraging phrasing at times…ie: telling everyone they have what it takes to win the show, best performance ever seen, etc…. but, I would rather deal with that, than the other. Plus, I get the feeling that these coaches, especially Adam, genuinely care about showcasing the talent in the contestants, not just using them as a vehicle to showboat their own. That is impressive in my book.

Yesterday, I posted a song for Simon. I’m tragically unromantic, especially since my marriage fell apart, and sometimes I think I’m not conveying how deeply something has affected me, especially to the people I care about the most. For me, music says it all, and it is rare for me to connect a song with someone, but when I do, I hope they understand how much they mean to me.

Today, guess who was the guest coach on The Voice? Chris Martin!! (From Coldplay, for all my non-rock Hopelistening friends). I’ve always been a Pink Floyd girl, but Coldplay has really been vying for first place in my heart these last couple of years. Violet Hill was my ringtone for years, as well as Don’t Panic. The Scientist, Paradise, Viva La Vida, Yellow, Clocks….the list goes on and on. They have beautiful lyrics, beautiful melodies, excellent rhythm, and gorgeous vocals. I encourage you to listen to this band if you haven’t already.

I’ve been blessed with a ton of talents, but singing is definitely not one of them. It occurs to me that being a writer, I’ll never be on a show with Adam Levine or Chris Martin.

Darn it.


~ Bird


2 responses to “The Real Tragedy of My Life”

  1. I still have ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ by the Verve as my ringtone. Even though I hear good records all the time, nothing seems quite good enough to match the opening music to that song.
    xxx Massive Hugs Bird xxx


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