Weenie or Pit? The Suspense Is Killing Us

Ella Grey - Hussy Extraordinaire
Ella Grey – Hussy Extraordinaire

Despite the sudden turn into unemployment this week, today we have some big changes happening at The Blue House.

Mindy is moving out. The ghetto is a little much for her, and we wish her all the best. Tony got his own apartment, and he too, is heading towards independence.

But the most exciting news…drum roll, please!….Ella the Dog is having her puppies right at this very moment…..in my closet. The miracle of dog childbirth smells a little tiny bit bad, just so you know.

If you all will remember, Ella went into heat for the very first time the day we moved in here, and two neighborhood dogs had their ways with her. We were all quite horrified.

What’s done is done. Now we are holding our breath to see which breed was the most potent…the dachshund or the pit bull. We are big dog people around here, though pit bulls tend to make us nervous. However, the general consensus is that we want baby pit bulls, not baby weenie dogs.

Two pudgy little black and white puppies have been born so far, and we can tell from the movement in Ella’s tummy she has some more on the way. Maybe it is our boundless hope that we aren’t going to have little furry hot dog shaped puppies running around, but we think they look like baby mixed-breed pit bulls. Secretly, I can’t tell at all!

Ella, don’t be such a hussy next time! The suspense is killing us.

12 responses to “Weenie or Pit? The Suspense Is Killing Us”

  1. Poor Ella…….. left to shoulder the puppies all on her own lol Seriously, it is too bad that there was no choice as to whether you wanted her to have puppies… I hope they are the breed you want but in any case they will be sooooo cute .. I just know it.. Diane


  2. Are all of them born by now? Now I get to worry that they are too big if they are pits to be birthed. Oh, it’s such fun to be me. Hope mom is doing well. Congrats.


    • They all turned out to be pitts. Thank God! Don’t worry about us getting her spayed, we’re never doing this again. One of the puppies is dying, I believe the runt. Bekkie is upset over it suffering, which in turn, agitated me. Ella has a blockage in two of her nipples. Not enjoying this part much at all.


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