The Devil Made Him Do It

50-tremendous-grunge-for-your-desktop-noupeRecently, I went back and re-examined one of my posts, Satan’s Favorite Drug Ever – Meth. It is by far the most viewed piece on this site, and a glance at my analytics shows most of the traffic I’m getting these days are people looking for answers about drug addictions either in their own lives or in the lives of their loved ones. This is a big difference from the once reigning The Ministry of Mike Warnke and 3 Boobs, because neither of those pieces can really help or hurt someone reading them. I feel differently about the meth piece because when I wrote it, I was in the throes of a lot of pain, not having found some emotional stability yet from the crushing blow of losing a lot of things in my life I really cared about. Since I remember how desperately I looked for help on-line, I feel some responsibility to not steer others in the same predicaments in the wrong direction.

I stand by most of it, but the clarity of some time and healing makes me want to caution about some of the things I was doing when I wrote that piece.

  • Don’t Hide Things Until It’s Too Late For Anyone To Help

It blows my mind just how illogical things are when you go through something like this. When my husband photo (3)became a drug addict, it took me months to tell anyone. Instead of going to certain friends I can trust for some help and direction, I let things build up to insurmountable heights. By the time I knew I needed help, things were so bad, and I was in such a panic, I looked like a raving lunatic. I believe it was hard for my friends to understand why I was flipping out. As far as they knew, this had all just begun to happen. They didn’t know I’d been sitting on this time bomb for six months.

I tried to change my husband myself. The crazy thing is my sole motivation for doing this was so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed.

Embarrassed?!! After it was all said and done, the amount of humiliation he and I both suffered is immeasurable. One of the true regrets I have is not asking for help until things got too bad. Addictions never form overnight. They seize a person slowly, gradually, and the hold is never so evident until the person actually does try to stop. Chef tried several times to quit, but it was too powerful by that time. When I finally asked for help, there was nothing anyone could do.

  • The Devil Made Him Do It

iloveafoolThe second thing I would like to address is the obvious reluctance I had to hold Chef accountable for his own actions. I am a Christian, and I believe with my whole heart that satan made an appearance in my life through all of this. But Chef was the sole captain of our ship-wrecked lives.

Infidelity is a weird thing to experience. Even though I had been betrayed by this one person I trusted the most in this world, I had a really hard time launching my full anger at him. It is always easier to blame anyone and everyone else, because love doesn’t take bloom in seconds, and it certainly doesn’t die in seconds either. I’d never even once had my heart broken, and I was ill-prepared for just how much it hurt, and how long it took for me to accept that Chef had chosen to break that trust, and blaming satan wasn’t going to help him.

Satan presents us all with opportunities, but we ultimately are the ones who choose to accept the shit he relationshipoffers us. In my case, I found a pattern I’d fallen into for decades with Chef. Anytime he’d do something really hurtful, I’d play down his responsibility for it, and accept part of the blame for things I really had no control over, or blame the devil. I’m not afraid of being wrong, so I helped teach Chef  all these years that he could always depend on me to make him feel a little better about what he’d done because we could blame satan, or I could see where maybe I’d done something that made him stumble. This is not a good thing for any wife to fall into. Even to this very day, Chef is struggling with accepting the full brunt of his own actions without trying to lay at least a little of the blame on those in his life he hurt the most. We do no one any favors sugar-coating the truth. No one held a gun to Chef’s head and made him pick up drugs again, and not even the devil can be blamed for his decisions.

  • Advice Is Nice, But Therapy Is Quicker

cropped-ocean.jpgI’ve been dating a man we’ll call Simon for a while now. Before I launch into this part, let me say this — this has been an on-again, off-again thing, I never dated anyone else when I was with him,  and I don’t write much about him because he’s part of my life that I protect fiercely as my own. I had a little sniping argument with Chef one evening where he tried to make me jealous, so I changed my relationship status on Facebook in retaliation (because sometimes I can be petty and spiteful myself) and People Went Nuts. Yikes!! I don’t know if I should be flattered so many of you care, or insulted that so many of you thought I couldn’t land me another guy. 🙂 I’m going to choose the be flattered. I also would like to note for the record, I learned a very valuable lesson about cans of worms and unforeseen consequences, as well.

Ok. Back to the story at hand.


Sometimes, you just have to let it all go. Some things aren't worth saving.
Sometimes, you just have to let it all go. Some things aren’t worth saving.

For months after I left Chef, I found myself interacting with him daily anyways. I would call him pathetically hoping he’d have some magic words that would fix all of this pain he’d caused. I lived for every text, despaired over every day my phone wouldn’t ring, and hoped for his knock on my door, and cry, cry, cry every time he’d let me down, which was every, single time. Even though he’d moved the girlfriend into our home, gave her my clothes and jewelry, and made a mockery of everything I loved, I still seemed unable to be angry at him specifically. It was easier to be pissed at the girlfriend, the motorcycle club, the drug dealers, the devil…but not him. I was stuck in this tar-ridden hell for months, until Simon started to help me break free of these very codependent actions.

During that time, I had a whole little army of people who loved me and wanted to help me get through this, including my children. My son Dj would sit and listen to me for hours, and he would point my thoughts to Bekkie's Favoritethe good things about his dad, which actually wouldn’t help me much. It made what I’d lost feel so much harder. Rebekkah refused to talk about any of it, so I knew I couldn’t even mention his name around her. Weirdly, that made me want to talk about him more. My youngest daughter, Caitlyn, hadn’t really been around for much of any of it, being stationed in Japan, and she tried helping me by shaming me into being stronger. I promise you, that is a really, really bad tactic. No one stops doing anything because of shame. It just makes you feel worse while you’re doing it. At the heart of all three kids, though, was a genuine desire to help me.

sad girlI had friends, too, who tried one or all of these tactics on me as well, and it was pretty obvious, I was emotionally stuck. Then Simon came along, and he did the very best thing that could be done for me at that time. He just listened. He didn’t try to fix any of it. He let me be angry when I wanted to be angry. He let me cry when I wanted to cry. He waited patiently when I shoved him away and he was kind to me even when I’d taken something out on him because of Chef. He didn’t side with me, per se, or join in when I was verbally tearing Chef to pieces; nor did he defend Chef even when it was obvious I wasn’t being fair.

Basically, he listened to me sort through how I felt about all of it all by myself. He couldn’t have known that while I was attacking Chef, I’d be the first one to defend him should someone else attack him. He couldn’t have known that had he risen to my defense, I would have felt pathetic and weak, and wouldn’t be at all happy for the help. He only expressed confidence that I would find my way out of all of this eventually, and assured me that I had every right to find all of this very hard to handle. He expressed the logical opinion that any person who’d lived their entire adult life with one person is going to be codependent to some degree, and that wasn’t something to be ashamed of. I wasn’t sick or weak, I was wounded. There was no shame in having loved someone as much as I had.

I think God personally dropped Simon in my life right at the moment I needed someone like that in order listening with birdto begin healing. On my best days, I’m not a very easy person to even get to know, and people misread me daily. During the whole separation process, even I was surprised at some of my own reactions, and I really couldn’t have guessed what any of them would be from moment to moment. I needed someone to have a little faith in me, and to let me figure it out alone.

If I was to ever re-write Satan’s Favorite Drug, I would want to blame satan less, emphasize that it’s okay if it takes you awhile to accept that the person you love bears the lion’s share of the responsibility for the pain you are experiencing, and to encourage people to ask for help the minute something like this makes an appearance in your life. Not so that you can rescue the person you love from the clutches of addiction, but to set up for yourself a support system for the flood of destruction that you will soon find yourself in the midst of.

That being said, I also would want to emphasize caution about taking to heart everyone’s advice. Most of what truly good-motivated friends were telling me didn’t work for me at all, and in some cases, it even set me back a bit. Simon did what most people go into therapy for…he just listened. Good motives don’t always equal good advice.

  • Appreciation For The Experience

love-rupture-broken-heart-even-shines-with-loveI went through all the stages of grief, but I’ve found something else lately. I’ve moved past the acceptance, and I can honestly say I now have a true appreciation for the whole experience. I’ve come out of it all a different person, but not a worse one. Yes. Knowing what I know now, I’d have still loved him.

~ Bird

PS. Man. I’m seriously glad it’s over though! I thought that hell on earth would never end!!





37 responses to “The Devil Made Him Do It”

  1. I went through all the excuses with my ex. It was my fault he cheated (TWICE!), it was my fault he was depressed, it was his bosses fault he hated his job…and I also dealt with the Enemy through all this and it was just easier to agree with the ex and the folks at our church who kept pushing for reconciliation and counseling than to ask them when the EX would be held accountable for his own choices. I finally had to come to the realization that while I can’t control his choices, I CAN control me own. I chose NOT to stay and play the good little submissive wifey and put up with being treated like crap. After he left the second time (he walked out on our ten year marriage the year prior to this final straw), I let him go and never looked back.
    It’s so NICE to know that I’m not the only one that made excuses. Hope things are looking up for you!!

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  2. And you are much better person that I am. LOL If I knew then what I knew now about my ex I can honestly say I’d have never married him. I’d have happily gone off to graduate school alone and done just fine. I’m actually finding that I am better off alone lol

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    • Oh, you can trust me on this: I did NOT always feel that way about Chef. During the really mind-numbing parts of his affair and abuse, I wished some really, really bad things would happen to both him and his girlfriend. I hate the inability to control my emotions and thoughts. That may have been the worst part of the whole thing for me.

      Turns out, left to my own devices, I’m a real poor representative of God.


  3. I hope you do not mind me nominating you for the Very Inspiring Award. 🙂
    I know your stories are heartfelt because they are real. With each one a little more of your testimony is shared with the world and gives many the one thing we can all use, other than a life in Christ…..hope.
    Thanks sis for your willingness to use by God to bring it.

    You may check out your nomination here if you would like to.


  4. I felt so relieved to read that you chose to hold Chef accountable for his actions rather than blaming Satan. Honestly, it’s probably neither of their faults. Meth is a highly addictive and destructive chemical. The human body reacts to that chemical and there are just some people who have a tendency towards addiction more than others. I am so happy that you never became addicted to this terrible substance and that you are able to move on with Simon and begin to understand Chef a bit more. I don’t know where you live, but I do know that Meth never became an epidemic here in the Northeast. Sure, it exists, but I don’t know one person who has ever tried it or even mentioned it. Good luck to you during your healing process and yay for you and Simon!


  5. Bird, from beginning to end you made me cry…first because of the pain and in the end because of your strength, courage and honesty. I have had my moment with meth and a man too and what it took from me is small in comparison to the gifts it gave me. Thank you for being you and for sharing your story.

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  6. Thank you for your honesty and your clarity. At this point meth isn’t much of an issue in Japan, where I live and minister, but the issues you confront apply much more broadly. May the Holy Spirit get through to many through what you write. I’m sure He will!

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  7. I’ve been reading all afternoon..sighs..I thought I’d met my “Simon” turns out he’s in the beginning stages of “Chef”..right now I don’t know whether to laugh or cry..

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  8. I don’t know how I got to Satans Fav Drug blog, searching in desperation for someone ANYONE who knows where I am right now because I am so lost!! Then I turned to this story, blog whatever we call these – I got as far as my son DJ and haven’t been able to stop crying yet like WHOA HOLY HELL IS THIS MY FUTURE ME IVE FOUND!! I’m hurting so bad right now, even wanted to just NOT WAKE UP at times, I finally know what it’s like to be IN LOVE with someone and my life is so twisted, along with my head right now I’m about to loose everything and I don’t even care. There is no happy ending where we get to keep our husbands and live happily ever after is there? I’m in a very dark scary place and I just want so bad for him to MEAN WHAT HE SAYS AND SAY WHAT HE MEANS. How do you walk away? How do I make myself walk away from something I care for so much? This hurts.

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    • I’m so sorry. I can tell you are in excruciating pain. I wish desperately that I could tell you that it is going to all be okay soon, but the truth is, we have to walk right through the belly of the beast. I wish I weren’t at work right now. I can tell you need a shoulder to cry on. Don’t despair. You are not crazy; Yes, this hurts like a motherfucker; Yes, there’s lots of people who know EXACTLY what you are saying here, and EXACTLY how much this can devastate a person; Yes, it’s okay if you can’t walk away yet. I will definitely be talking to you after work. In the meantime, I’m going to post this on my blog, so the same people who helped me find my way can see there is someone else needing help.

      It’s okay to be sad. Don’t be too hard on yourself, okay?

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