I Wrote An Article About My Blog

Yahoo Article

This is NOT a shameless self-promotion of my first published on-line article. It is merely the only way any of you are ever going to find it. It took me pages and pages of search engines before I gave up and typed in the name of the stupid thing with my name to narrow it down. I do not rank high at all in the Yahoo search engines.

I wrote about Everyone Has A Story and how blogging helped me heal. See the little picture of my blog!!

So, anyways, here’s the link to my on-line article…….My Yahoo Article

I get paid for the number of clicks it gets, and since I’m a Level One writer at the moment, this is probably the only way anyone will ever find it. My dashboard today (my first day of earnings) reported 7 clicks (all of whom I suspect are the relatives I put on the spot this morning), earning me the tiniest amount of money I’ve ever seen ever.… And I still danced around the room in sheer, geeky delight. Obviously, I won’t be quitting my day job any time soon, but I had a whole lot of fun earning that penny today.

~ Bird

18 responses to “I Wrote An Article About My Blog”

  1. It was an excellent article and also heartbreaking but I’m glad you wrote it as many people would have seen they weren’t the only ones suffering something similar and like you would become less isolated. I’m happy to be able to click on it and raise that little income a bit.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. Clicked. And shared on my Facebook for more clicks. Good luck. How do you get such posts on Yahoo? Do they contact you, or someone recommend you?


    • Thank you for the clicks! As for writing for them, look up Yahoo Contributor and set up an account. I suggest going through the academy which basically tells you what they will publish and the guidelines. Good luck!!!


  3. I’ve been copying my old posts from like four years ago onto my new blog in the last few days myself which is why I haven’t been very active on WordPress the last few days.


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