Proof In The Pantry

I don’t need a tax return to tell me just how poor I am. Opening my pantry this morning, I found these:

vienna2Vienna Sausages in Syrup

The day I get so hungry I put these in my mouth, I’ll know….there’s just nowhere to go from here but up. The fact that they are sitting in my cabinets screams, I’ve almost reached the bottom.

~ Bird

20 responses to “Proof In The Pantry”

  1. Sis, this is no joke. In the last year or so since the food prices have been going over the hill and out of sight, I’ve found that I can hardly afford ground beef on sale anymore. Other beef cuts, or an occasional steak ….an impossible dream, unless I really find a deal, and or push the envelope to tear point.
    I like to eat well and healthy just the same as the next person.
    Anyways…I’ve been more and more resorting to chicken on sale, for meat, but also to eggs for main dish meals. I do a lot of pasta, which always makes enough to feed Cox’s army. Those frugal Italians could have taken lessons from me in how to make something practically out of nothing and then magically explode it into enough to feed the 5,000 like Jesus did with the loaves and fishes.
    I also make a lot of great tasting soups and dishes out of stuff like lentils, dried green peas, blackeyed peas; (think pinto beans and homebaked cornbread).
    You’re right about the Vienna Sausages…..
    Stuff like Ramen Noodles, Kraft Mac and Cheese in the box…does speak of poverty. I have to admit though, I do still like country fried Beef Bolony sandwiches on white bread, (yeah, I know), and HotDogs, Beanie Weanies, and I would love to still entertain the idea of munching down a Spam Sammie on white bread with mustard if it wasn’t so darn mystery meat. I love that, but what the hell is it?
    We CAN outsmart this situation with a little old fashioned country girl ingenuity.

    Foodie……Scarlett 🙂


      • Sorry, can’t afford the ticket, lol! But hell girl, get your groove on and put up a donation page and also an address page for checks in the mail. You are SO much more deserving that these PayPal preachers I gripe about who don’t even need the money.
        Do it! All in favor say “aye”.


  2. What are you going to do? Can you get any help? I’m so sorry that this is yet one more mountain to climb, probably not as high as ones you’ve climbed this year… but ‘enough already’…. Diane xoxo


    • I’m not starving. I’ll just keep on keeping on. I haven’t resorted to actually eating Vienna sausages in syrup. If I do, we’ll talk. 🙂


  3. I know many of us could send a little something, and be blessed by doing it. Even a 5 spot can sometimes mean a lot when that’s all you have. Been there……….
    We just don’t have a way to go about getting it to you, sis, unless you give us a way. Please let your friends help. That’s what friends are for, last I heard. Remember that song, “I get by with a little help from my friends”? That’s the difference between us and rich folks that never walked in our moccasins.
    Anyways, you’ve been a blessing to many of us going through struggles and heartaches, that let us know we weren’t alone, pouring your heart out in your posts. Now it seems only right to share back again, just a little bit in appreciation of that.


  4. My Lil Fella likes to eat them, but then again I did too when I was a kid. We were poor, and it was a tasty treat. Now I think any canned meat is gross. Sometimes I give them to my cats.


  5. OK, so…children, what can we learn from this? Bird, here, has the gift to open a pantry door; spy two cans of Vienna sausages, (in syrup, no less) and create a blog post out of it, as only she can do. There IS a profound message in this after all.

    Now, Scarlett, (me), has the dubious “gift” of coming across Birds blog post, and perceving it as a “crisis” and escalating it into biblical proportions of the highest order.

    Bird, this should show you to be careful what you post, lest Scarlett see it, and embaress the hell out of you.

    Love you Bird,
    Scarlett 🙂


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