The Sunshine Award – 2014


I’ve been awarded The Sunshine Award by my fellow blogginian Art Mowle who writes at  Drinking For A Lifetime!

Art writes a firsthand account of the experience of getting sober after 43 years battling alcoholism. As a person who has also struggled with addictions, I feel a certain kinship with others who know what this kind of slavery can do to the life and mind of a person. I hope you check out his site. 

Thank you, Art!

It’s been a really, really long time since I publicly accepted one of these awards so please forgive me if I repeat some of the “interesting” things about me from before. I have only a finite amount of interesting things I can share publicly. The rest are for me to know, and you to never, ever find out. 🙂

Ten interesting things about me.

  1. In high school, I raised chickens for FFA (in Buckholts, Texas..shout out, ya’ll!) and won grand prize in the Milam County Livestock Show. My back-up chickens, (you bring three sets, just in case something unforeseen (like death) should happen to one of them before they’re judged) won 2nd runner-up and 3rd runner-up. That show was mine, baby!!!
  2. I was almost 30 years old before I smoked my first cigarette. I blame my friends from high school for not pressuring me at a normal age so I could blame the stupidity of youth like they can. Not cool, guys.
  3. I used to want to write for soap operas, specifically Days of Our Lives. The reason for this was if I couldn’t be as awesome at writing as C.S.Lewis, I’d aim as low as possible instead. Really. How hard can it be to write that crap??
  4. I failed my driving test three times before nailing it. Actually, I think the guy testing me just threw me a bone after the last botched attempt to parallel park. ( I had the exact same tester every time, too. Talk about being born under a lucky star. It’s easier to wear someone down if you keep getting the same one….)
  5. A high school friend named Jimmy and I used the runes alphabet we found in an encyclopedia to write coded messages to each other. We did this for years, and wrote using those symbols as easily as we did English. He is a brilliant doctor now so I haven’t had the nerve to ask him if he still remembers how to do it. He’s busy saving lives and all that.  I can still do it from memory though.
  6. I once had my nose pierced. I kept catching glimpses of the diamond stud so I pulled it out the next day. I’m not cool enough to pull that one off.
  7. Nothing that is supposed to taste like chicken ever does to me, except chicken.  Rattlesnake and frog legs are disgusting and greasy.
  8. I hate watching sports and yet my favorite kinds of movies to watch are sports movies. ie: The Longest Yard (both versions), The Replacements, Trouble With The Curve, Friday Night Lights….
  9. I used to work for the pool company in San Antonio who built George Strait’s guitar-shaped pool. I kept his personal phone number from his file in my cell phone for years. I have absolutely no idea why. I never told anyone, and I never even once was tempted to call it.
  10. A drunk cop once crashed into my car with his patrol vehicle in Temple, Texas. Other cops arrested him. It was weird.

And now for the rules.

To accept the award, each awardee must do the following:

  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • List 10 interesting things about yourself.
  • Present 10 deserving bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. I’m only doing 4. You know how I am…
  • Link to the awardees and let them know of the nomination.

Here’s the lucky recipients:

HometoGo232 – Diane has a way of expressing herself that reminds me of my mother. She’s helped fill a void in my heart and I can always count on her gentle encouragements through whatever disaster I’m facing at the moment. I love you, Diane!

Jennie Upside Down – Jennie was born in 1976, and the world has never been the same since. I imagine from reading her writing, and especially her comments on here, that she speaks a lot like I do. She tends to use the same kinds of phrasing I would, and she can say a lot with just a few words. She’s a kindred spirit.

AllThingsBoys – This site is written by a woman almost the same age as I am. While this isn’t as exciting news as it once was in elementary school, I find myself interested in people who have recently finished raising their children and are suddenly able to concentrate more on themselves again.

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary – Scarlett writes this blog, and she has found a niche helping and encouraging those who have been abused by organized religion in churches. As with anything, any organization that wields a lot of power can easily become corrupt. In far too many cases, that corruption in a church setting can cause indescribable harm to those they are supposed to shepherd. She loves The Church, but she’s not a big fan of the organized religion we have in practice today.

So, there you have it folks. Thank you again for always showing up to check in on me, and thanks again, Art!!!

~ Bird

13 responses to “The Sunshine Award – 2014”

  1. Wow! You are so deserving . I can’t think of anyone more so. I look forward to all your posts, and read every one of them.
    You may not know this sis, but you and I have a whole lot more in common than you can imagine. When the son and I bailed out of Oklahoma, (Bartlesville), I sold my old house, and sold what I could and gave the rest away, which was most of it. No sacrifice was too great. We left in my old 95 Buickroadmaster, (has a Corvette engine tho)…with a small trailer, and one cat; the other one ran away.
    Headed out to Northern Idaho, and after living in motels and eating out for days, bought an old but very small motorhome. We were so excited, we decided to go out into the wilderness and camp out in our RV, which turned out to be in Grizzly habitat. The first night our beloved cat went missing….next morning we found out why. After cooking breakfast outside…(really brainy in Grizzly territory), sitting back inside the RV, I look out the window and see, not a bear, but a large Cougar climbing up the river bank looking our way, and circling us. OMG! For real. First disaster. We loved that adorable feline.
    Next, we hadn’t realized that Northern Idaho was like living in a cloud. It started raining, and raining…and raining. And the RV started leaking, and leaking. My son’s bed was soaked. After 2 days of this, we headed toward Colorado…in the rain. I said surely Grand Junction will be nice and dry. It was, in the middle of June, hot and dry. Too hot! We left there after 3 days of getting a feeling of what hell must be like.
    So, over the mountains, the continental divide, wondering if the car and the old RV are going to make it…They did, but then we couldn’t find an RV park anywhere. We had to boondock on the headwaters of the Arkansas River, at Salida, Colorado, and decided we’d try somehow to make this work. We were blocked in. If we went farther east, or south over more mountain passes, we’d end up with even more unbearably hot weather. We were stuck. The rents here are very high and the jobs few and far between. Son hit the bricks and finally found work, but that’s another drama in itself.
    We finally miraculously find an RV space, but for what you could rent an apartment for in most places in Oklahoma. We’ve been here 9 months now. The roof still leaks, even after a coat of sealant. Son has learned to deal with most of our other RV issues, which are entirely different from living in a sticks and bricks. Our “bathroom”is the size of a broom closet, and you have to sit on the loo if you want to take a shower, but you have to hurry before the 6 gal hot water tank turns cold.
    We were lucky that there weren’t more problems with this rig than there were, but she runs like a champ at least. The tires, all 6 of them, need to be replaced, which we don’t have money for. I did some “interior decorating” inside to make it bearable, but it’s just way too small for 2 adults. We’re also the crappiest looking rig in this so-called RV Resort, next to the big fancy diesel pushers that can run up to 300K. So what? But I still don’t know how we’re going to make it, or what’s going to happen next month or the month after. So, I just have to leave that part up to God. It’s only a test for crying out loud. A sucky one, but just a test.
    So, sis, I’ve been keeping up with your suckiness adventures too, and just want you to know I can and do relate. Some folks of the churchy persuasion say that poverty is a curse. But, Jesus said that God chose the poor to be rich in faith. I agree with him, because after all, he’s all we have. But in spite of my discomfort, he’s all I need, and somehow we continue to make it through. You will too.
    I suppose there’s folks going through a lot more than we are. And one thing we’ve both learned is humility and not to have our noses stuck up at others less fortunate. And that’s a blessing and not a curse.
    Thanks for thinking of the blog. It means a lot to me.

    Big high 5 on your award 🙂


  2. Catherine, I guess sometimes my ‘mother’ inclination does tend to rise to the surface with you, but it’s likely because that’s how I feel… It is so sweet of you to nominate me for the Sunshine Award… thank you so much. Love you too! Diane


  3. Hello and thank you!! Give me a little bit to respond. I’ve been at work since this morning and will be here well into the night. I just wanted you to know that I saw it and I am working on it!!


      • This reminds me of the time that Joe Montana’s son, Nate got arrested with a group of kids at Notre Dame. He was at a party that got raided and instead of running away, he took accountability for himself. I had Joe Montana’s cell, home phone, address etc. I felt powerful for about twenty minutes.
        I also had to deal with Cliff Levingston who played for the Chicago Bulls. He was a trustee in the jail when I was at the sheriff’s dept. That guy was an a-hole. In case you ever wondered. He was finishing his BOP time for child support.
        Those are my brushes with celebrity.


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