Speed Grieving

This is something I wrote a long time ago, but somehow, I think it should be revived again today.

Bekkie, I love you. You make me laugh until I pee myself.

— Mom

Everyone Has A Story… Again

One of the things that has sucked the most about the complete breakdown of my marriage is the fact that two of my three children had front row seats to witness the whole thing. They are all adults now, but somehow, to me, that made it even worse. They were old enough to know exactly what had happened, and old enough to choose to get involved or to abstain. But Rebekkah really took to heart some of the lessons I’ve learned and methods I used to try to cope with all this stress…And then improved it to such a spectacular degree that I’m in utter awe of her! 

Background: Rebekkah has had two real crushes in her whole 24 years on this earth. She’s beautiful, smart, and so freaking picky smell funnythat she is almost impossible for any average male to catch. The first one labored on for 5 years…

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