Mindy Uses the F-Word

imagesToday, I worked out-of-town, and left my little crowd of peeps in pretty decent humor at The Blue House. We had a washer and dryer being delivered today, which Mindy Roommate was especially super excited about. I headed to work, my mind busy with other things, and I foolishly forgot, only some of us have any experience living in the Ghetto in Ghetto Houses with Ghetto Problems, and I failed to keep her innocent enthusiasm in check. Weeks of pipe issues, panty thefts, and bathtubs full of sewage haven’t taught Mindy to expect the worst, hope for the best. Not yet anyways. She still expects things to work like they are supposed to, when they are supposed to. Silly girl. 

Week by week, we feel a little more human. Electricity, gas, water… Then specifics…hot water that actually flows through a faucet instead of being carried from the kitchen. Toilets that flush their contents into the Great Unknown, and not into the bathtub. Today was to be the end of stinky clothes. Other than high-speed internet, (Thursday), we’ve longed for this day the most. 

This ascent from living like animals to living like people  has been rough on all of us, but it’s been the now-thats-just-ghetto1.jpghardest on Mindy. Tony, Bekkie, Dj, and I have lived this kind of existence many, many times in our lives. You develop a routine to this wild kind of life. Mindy is new to the experience, and sometimes we tend to forget how this all must look to people who haven’t been down on their luck this badly. And being the Eternal Optimist, all sunshine and rainbows, it has been easy to miss Missy’s growing stress levels.

Now, I’m thinking she’s just been in Major Denial.

I’m not really an optimistic person, but neither am I a pessimistic person. My approach to life is that things are going to suck sometimes, and then I’m going to call someone to fix them. Then, life is going to be great for a while until more stuff starts to suck. Such is the eternal human condition. The key is to know things that suck can be fixed so that they either don’t suck, or we learn how to work around their suckiness. The other important thing is to try to maintain your dignity…even when you are scrubbing toilet refuse out of your bathtub.

rebekkahSo, today, I wasn’t surprised when Tony sent me a text saying our back porch aluminum awning came crashing down and could have easily killed one of us. Even better, the accident happened not only because of the weight of the snow, but because termites have infested the wood it was attached to. My guess is, termites are probably in most of the wood in this house. I wasn’t too overwhelmed. As drama goes, this doesn’t rank all that high. Who needed a shady back porch anyways? And I have no clue about termites…yet. Maybe they aren’t so bad… As expected, Tony and I accepted the dilemma with the appropriate amount of concern, and our unspoken conclusion was that we’ll deal with this and it will cease to be a problem.

However, the real disappointment of the day was when we found out that we can’t use the dryer until the

Ghetto Living
Ghetto Living

garage is rewired. There were showers of sparks when the dryer was turned on, and two seconds of running before throwing the fuse. Normally, I would just click that bad boy back, and turn the appliance back on again. But this fuse wasn’t coming back to life again, ever. There is something wrong with the fuse box, the size of the wiring, outlets, blah, blah, blah. Personally, I’d have been surprised if there wasn’t something wrong. But poor Mindy. Well now, she was very surprised.

Mindy “Mary Poppins” Roommate isn’t used to being belted in the face by Life’s Lemons, repeatedly, and the inept delivery guy coupled with an expensive appliance that was essentially useless was simply the last straw. She’d waited patiently for days, and then hours for that washer and dryer, and the disappointment was too much.

She began freaking out, yelling about each rotten thing that we’ve had to fix along the way, using the F-word generously throughout the angry dialogue. Changing clothes in my room,  I heard her Bo Peep voice saying Very Bad Words, and after a second of surprise, I started laughing. In fact, Tony and Dj were also laughing from their positions in the living room. Mindy said the F Word! She was giving the lazy appliance guy what-for!

I guess I should feel bad that it looked like I wasn’t taking her concerns seriously, but she can’t cuss worth a plugged nickel. Even skittish Ella and our psycho cat, Sophie were amused, not frightened.  The guy trying to install the appliances was confused by the sweet tone and lilt of Mindy’s voice coupled with the salty language she was using.  Despite her vulgar language, she was still trying to not hurt his feelings.

“I appreciate you trying to fix the f***ing dryer! Drive f***ing safely!”   LOL!!!

I’m glad her temper tantrums are funny, and not scary. Tony got bit by the neighbor’s weenie dog on Day One, and his reaction was to bite it back.  I found that weird, surprisingly effective, but very disturbing.

Don’t worry. I’ve asked Tony to keep the neighbor’s animals out of his mouth. And Mindy isn’t likely to use the rank profanity of the F word again….Not if she wants us to take her anger seriously.

She’s adorable.

~ Bird


6 responses to “Mindy Uses the F-Word”

  1. I’m sorry your little group is still somewhere paying rent for a property that’s not really habitable by normal standards. You’ve done amazingly well to bring it as far as you have but these constant hiccups must be playing havoc with your morale.Is there anywhere else the washer-drier can be used in the house until the garage is rewired? Will the landlord rewire the garage without problems? My washer drier is plumbed into the kitchen where the wiring is good .
    I wish you all well,
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • There really isn’t somewhere else for the dryer. They require a special outlet. I have an electrician coming who will work with me financially. Next up, how to haul off a heavy aluminum awning….. 🙂


  2. I love the way you take each ‘life lemon’ in stride… My mother was an example such as you… If she got behind in a bill for instance and the dreaded ‘call’ came.. she would find the money to pay it …but then expect a ‘call’ next month from the place she got the money… Sooooo we were evicted from a ‘nice Christian lady’ and I come home for lunch and find all our belongings on the front lawn…. including our budgie and our goldfish.. Well we had an apartment that night … our new home… Just a couple of examples but I know therefore where you’re coming from… You are one strong and resourceful lady.. Diane


    • Thanks, Diane! I wish it was as easy as I make it look! I’m getting tired! Your Mom reminds me of mine. She used to tell me, ‘ A year from now, you won’t even remember you had this problem’. She was right. I never do. 🙂


        • Oh, it will. Even though there are problems still to deal with, they aren’t on the same level as no running water. 🙂 I’m actually pretty content with my life at the moment. Love you! ~ bird


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