Questions That Beg To Be Ridiculed

everyone 2Sometimes, life gets overwhelming. I have a lot going on right now…plumbing, underwear theft,  a hussy for a dog, the entourage of male dogs that loiter around my house night and day, a frustrated cat in the throes of her first heat, an ex-husband, grown children living with me, and a myriad of other small things. At times like these, it helps me to see someone else’s life, and to know, I’m not the only one dealing with weird stuff. We are all experiencing on some level, a Freak Show in our lives.

I’ve mentioned a few times my obsession with  Quora, a unique kind of website that basically allows anyone in the world to ask a question, and anyone in the world can answer it. There is no question too stupid or offensive that someone else won’t answer. The saying, “There are no stupid questions” isn’t exactly true. I’ve found quite a few throughout the world wide web.

I thought I’d share some of them that made me laugh today with you.

In Gender Differences, the question:

Quora QuestionAnd the answer:

Quora Answer


Confusing Question


Confusing Answer

My favorites tend to be in the Dating and Relationships category.

whore question

whore answerAnd to round it all up, here’s one that was super offensive and yet so hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing.

pick up lines question

And the Answer of the Year:

pick up lines answer

Good night!!

~ Bird

8 responses to “Questions That Beg To Be Ridiculed”

  1. I am hearing you through the dull dreary days of winter — have had enough drama in my life myself for a while — and this piece was just the piece of stupidity I needed to laugh! Really enjoyed it.


  2. You are one damn GOOD writer. I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for liking my attempts to get through to the pain pill folks. The best question I ever, ever had was from a 1st grader who asked me, “was the world black and white” when you were a kid? for real.


  3. Make sure you leave room for your pen, which no longer has ink, and has donned a swastika armband and tiny Hitler mustache. He is brandishing a small yellow cocktail sword and has a battalion of eraser soldiers behind himself…


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