Yet Another Lesson Learned


So. I moved out of the Nut Hut. It’s just amazing how a person can move heaven and earth to scrape up money for deposits to move into one’s own place if properly motivated. Let’s just say, I was properly motivated to leave Janet’s House of Insanity behind. I will never rent a room in someone else’s home ever again. I left, and I was also motivated to take all the roommates with me. We had a “No man left behind attitude while there”, and I’m happy to announce that we are all happily residing in The Blue House. We’re squeezed in on top of each other, and our new landlord ducked out on us when we found out that the pipes had burst and we need a plumber before we can get our water turned on. Literally, I can’t get the woman to return a single phone call. We are on day 3 without water, and we are STILL happier living here. An absent slumlord outranks an antagonistic landlord that lives in the room downstairs any day. 

There’s really no reason to go into the specifics of all that happened while renting a room from Janet. After all is said and done, it boils down to an emotionally broken woman who can’t find joy, peace, or contentment in her life, and won’t tolerate anyone else around her being happy either. Despite the many reasons I have that justifiably would allow me to be truly angry with this person, I choose to feel only sadness for her. I am able to walk away from this person and her unhappiness but she’s stuck in this chaotic, depressing life she leads. You can’t run away from yourself. 

I’m keeping this entry short, mainly because it’s time for me to drive up to the convenience store to use the restroom and brush my teeth. We’re quickly becoming the stinky people in The Blue House, but we’ll all still have our teeth, and we haven’t resorted to peeing in the yard….yet. I have some suspicions about Tony and DJ….

There’s a certain amount of envy going around when we watch Ella the Dog relieve herself with unashamed abandon in our back yard.  There’s a spring in her step that wasn’t there before.

She’s mocking us. I can tell. 

More from me soon…. Take care of yourselves!!!





16 responses to “Yet Another Lesson Learned”

  1. I’m glad you’re out of the crazy house… but sure hope you are able to get hold of your landlord to fix the water… How are things otherwise with your job etc. Are you really okay… ? Diane


    • Hi, Diane. Well. Overall, I’d have to say my life isn’t boring. The landlord was dodging my calls because the pipes under the house have burst, the water heater doesn’t work, and a myriad of other problems have arose. I have dealt with all of it, and now I’m whipped. What did my landlord think was going to happen here? I wouldn’t notice I had no running water in the house?! 🙂 I believe we understand each better now. 🙂 How’s your life going these days?


      • Ah still some physical issues..trying to sort out… still some relationship issues with our daughter…trying to sort out… I’m hoping with the onset of ‘spring’ maybe there will be no more sorting to do… I’m so glad you seem to have things dealt with…. re the house Take care Diane xoxo


  2. Happy to hear that your ‘count your blessings’ attitude is still intact. Hold onto it, it’s always handy to have. Looking forward to the next chapter. 🙂


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