My Blog Has PTSD

Funny-and-Clever-Egg-Photography-2So, I find myself in a bit of a dilemma. As dilemma’s go, it’s a good one.

Everyone Has A Story will be two years old next month. In the space of this time, it went from being a random, sporadic telling of some stuff from when I was a kid, to a soap box to declare my hatred for nipple shirts, to my opinions about men rifling through women’s panties’ drawers, to the crushing play-by-play of a marriage falling apart due to drugs and infidelity. Now that I’m well on my way out of that horrendous chapter of my life, I find myself actually at a loss for words.

I’d write about my infinitely smaller stresses these days, but they are so minuscule compared to what I have been writing about, I feel stupid even bringing them up.

I promise. I’m trying to find something worthy of you. Like humans, I think my blog has PTSD. I’m working on the cure… 🙂

Thanks for your patience!!


11 responses to “My Blog Has PTSD”

  1. If I can get away with talking about my week as I do, I’m sure you’ll find something much more interesting than me. Have patience sweetie and you’ll find the perfect thing be it a soapbox, a cause or a rant about rudeness on the bus.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. No problem—you will find your stride. Every blog I spend any time visiting has its times of transition and identity change, and the bloggers with whom I enjoy interacting have too many facets to limit the character of their blogs comfortably. Join the club, darlin’!


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