A Guest Post

blog (1)I was invited to write a guest post at Everpressing. I’m sure you know how exciting that always feels. Clayton is going to be writing a guest post for me as well. I can’t believe it never occurred to me to invite other people to write for my site — EVERYONE HAS A STORY!!! Oh, well. I may arrive late, but I do generally arrive.

I hope you guys will check out his site. It’s fairly new, but based on the blog he used write, it is going to be very successful. Please welcome him to our little blog family!

My post is Casting Stones From A Glass House. I appreciate every single one of you! If you’d be interested in sharing one of your stories on here, feel free to let me know. I’m really open to that!

Love you, mean it!

— Bird


14 thoughts on “A Guest Post

    1. Thanks!!! I already wrote it, so you can tell me if I did well.

      I love the enthusiasm …. it must be the all-caps!! I felt bubbly when I read your comment!


                1. I do often. I like your niche..It always feel so special when someone thinks your work is worth passing on. I appreciate that! Keep up the good work! It is very encouraging!


    1. It really never occurred to me anyone would want to on here. I’m glad that people are showing an interest. I love when this little blog takes a new direction!


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