Finding My Niche

blogging to my fansRecently, I took a little road trip, and since I couldn’t get the radio to pick up any stations that were interesting, I got lost in my own thoughts. One of the things I was pondering is what to do with my little blog here. Everyone Has A Story has gone through some changes itself, and I find myself wondering what direction I should go with it. When you write a God/Divorce/Infidelity/Meth/Abuse/Motorcycles/Midlife Crisis/Addiction blog, it is hard to not get pigeon-holed into just one subject.

If you’ve ever scoped the Blog Expert blogs, they all pretty much unanimously agree that to have a successful blog, you must find what you want your blog to be about, and then stay within those parameters. Food blogs should be about food; travel blogs should be about travel… You get the idea. So, What is EHAS’s niche?

I tried recently to organize this disaster area, and I gave up. I must have set up the categories in one of my Heartbroken+Ambien+Vodka stupors, and I’ve written billions of posts, and millions of pages,  and stuck them everywhere! I have about 5 trillion drafts that I started writing and then forgot about. I have over 40 blog awards that I don’t have the strength to add to the widgets one by one.

Somehow, this all got away from me.

I figured, why not pick a niche and start cleaning out the stuff that doesn’t belong.

First up, picking a niche.

I’ve written about boobs, nipple shirts, obese animals, men who look in strange women’s panty drawers, the Kardashians, drug addiction, squirrels finding nuts, motorcycle clubs, midlife crises, tweezers, on-line dating, Facebook Wisdom and infidelity just to start with. I’ve had huge pity parties, public family disputes, and emotional breakthroughs on here. My kids have written a bunch of Non-Categorical posts as well, contributing to the cyber clutter. One is about peeing in the pool. What should that be filed under for easy reference??

Let’s face it. If one were to try to sum me up using only the search terms that point you in EHAS’s direction, it wouldn’t be a pretty picture.

I brought the subject of blogs and niches to Rebekkah, voicing my concern that I might need to streamline this thing and go in a more purposeful, specific way, but she simply didn’t agree. Maybe what my niche is,  over in this little corner of Cyberdelphia,  is that it doesn’t have any real rhyme or reason.

My niche is my lack of a niche.

I sail from experience to experience, sometimes reflecting about where I once was, other times looking forward to what lies ahead, and occasionally stopping to pee in the occasional pool.

Everyone Has A Story is niche-less.


— Bird


27 responses to “Finding My Niche”

  1. Haha. It’s your blog, as long as you’re happy with it, don’t worry about conforming to “successful blogging” standards. 🙂


  2. I’m niche-less too I guess but for me that’s okay because I decided when I wanted to write a blog… it would be about anything my little heart desired… and that’s what I’ve done.. Blogs that have themes etc are great if that is what the person decided they wanted to do… but we don’t have to have ‘cookie-cutter blogs’… IF we don’t have a specific concept… We can ‘dare to be different’… and of course people can decide to read or not to… and that’s okay with me too…. Diane


  3. The very title of your blog says that, whatever’s happened in your life and times and whatever passages this blog has gone through as a result, you had a notion right from the start that anything more specific and defined would be too small a niche for your wide-ranging stories. I believed you announced your strength before you even knew it.

    Me, I’ve been told many times over the years that my art and writing weren’t marketable because they were too varied and diverse and not easily enough described, to which I say, *whaaaaaaaat?!* I thought the whole concepts of creativity and individuality were supposed to mean that you could be bigger than a little pigeonhole that can be labeled and predicted and controlled. You clearly *are* much, much more than that. Keep being yourself! You’re amazing.



  4. I had 6 blogs at one point – all different categories, I’d disagree slightly. Yes by all means if you want to write on just one subject, but don’t be afraid to mix it up, or make multiple blogs, eventually you will change anyway, evolve type of thing.


  5. Being unique is what having a niche is all about. Your own style is your niche! It’s what draws people to your blog. So let’s say you have a ‘clutter’ niche, eh! Remain unique!.


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