Finding the Joy in the Corners

Cover of "The Departed (Widescreen Editio...
Cover of The Departed (Widescreen Edition)


Today is Chef and my anniversary. Considering the horrible state of mind I was in last year, I’d have to say that time has done wonders healing up some of that pain. Thank you, God!


I really was expecting the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse to be galloping through my life last year, and secretly suspected that it would be the highlight of my whole year. Besides my obvious emotional instability back then, Chef wasn’t helping by telling me what I wanted to hear versus the truth. But, I can only blame him so much. I’m not stupid. I knew he was full of it.


This year, I received the happy accolades of a guy not giving up, and I returned the cheerful message with a nebulous, generic well-wishing. All in all, I’m having a decent day.


My decent day turned a little brighter when Rebekkah pointed out that our last name — Mallicoat — shows up in one of my very favorite movies of all time — The Departed.  We have an unusual last name, and it never shows up anywhere cool except now. In the scene where a newscaster is reporting about a body showing up murdered, Rebekkah noticed the anchor’s name as Frank Mallicoat. Incidentally, that is a real guy. The amount of excitement this little bit of trivia generated was a tad bit embarrassing, but hey! What can I say?


I find that if you set your expectations in life very, very low, it takes almost nothing to thrill your socks right off. 🙂


Have a nice day!








6 responses to “Finding the Joy in the Corners”

  1. Hey you’ve had a very rough year….Your expectations will rise hopefully and be fulfilled.. by the way… not sure if I missed something but how is you Dad… Did he have to have the surgery…??? Diane


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