Texans Again

dadI’m in Austin these days due to my father having a heart attack. He’s not doing all that well, though I’m sure he’s going to pull through. I just wanted to give you guys a head’s up since I haven’t been writing lately.

I’d been kicking around the idea of coming back home, since Tulsa carries so many hard memories. Now it has become a necessity. My father has sisters, but their own health issues makes taking care of him too difficult. That leaves me.

I haven’t lived under the same roof with my dad since I was a child, and I’m looking forward to it. My father has always made me laugh. I could use some of that laughter again. So, DJ, Bekkie, and I are now Texans again. It’s where we started from, and it’s good to be back.

Please pray for my dad, me and the kids. We’re starting a whole new chapter.


14 responses to “Texans Again”

  1. Dear Lord,
    Send your healing to Bird’s dad. Restore his health and continue to protect and provide for Bird and her family. She is such a blessing to us Lord, in Jesus Name.


  2. Hope your father feels better soon… ‘God does work sometimes in ways we can’t foresee… ???’ Diane


  3. Teresa Rice says:

    You and your dad are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.


  4. Terra says:

    Lifting your dad up in prayer.


  5. efchristi says:

    Welcome home, we missed you!


  6. V. Sissom says:

    Hey, welcome to the Austin area. We are just south and east of there. Praying for your dad and you and your kids. V. and D. Sissom


  7. Hope your dad is doing better. I will pray for him.


  8. FreeStatePlus says:

    Sorry about your father Bird.


  9. Patty B says:

    What a blessing you will be to your father, I pray that he recovers quickly from his heart attack. Sometimes going home is just what we need. Many blessings on starting over.


  10. faithfulnibbles says:

    I am so sorry to read about your dad. Praying for his healing and for you and your family as you adjust to being back in Texas and with you dad. As a fellow Texan I extend to you a BIG HOWDY NEIGHBOR and a hearty welcome home.


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