Day Three: Bird Quits Online Dating

It works.
It works.

I just have a couple of things to share this evening.


First: You know how you’ve heard that there’s a Special Someone for everyone? Well, I’ve now met about 30+ members on these dating sites, and I’m not so sure. Frankly, I find the visions of the female equivalents of some of these guys downright troubling. I’m thinking one man’s Special Someone could be one woman’s Lengthy Kidnapping Story ten years down the line. The author of that specific sentiment didn’t clarify!!!


Second: I’d rather die alone, naked, hungry, and covered in festering boils than continue Online Dating. That was downright disturbing, just aiwontmurderyou bit creepy, and somewhat good for a wounded ego if you’re setting the bar for yourself really, really, really low.

Nothing like comparing yourself with the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest to make you feel better about yourself.

I know statistically there have got to be normal, well-adjusted men on these dating sites, but the Psychologically Un-Hinged that are looking for love have ruined it for everybody. I’m compiling a list of the specific Deranged-But-Optimistic members that are frightening away the women. Something tells me, Nancy Grace will be grateful.

This woman does not date men she meets online. I promise you, she doesn't.
This woman does not date men she meets online. I promise you, she doesn’t.

I’m sure there are some women who are willing to risk it all for love. I just don’t know any of them personally. Plus after reading some of those ladies’ profiles, I’m pretty confident that some of those “women” are really even more Demented Men with access to Photoshop, the Internet, and have experienced a gaping disconnect with reality.


I am not staying busy enough.

I started a blog the last time I was this bored. Now what?

It was all a numbers game.

Love, Bird


18 responses to “Day Three: Bird Quits Online Dating”

  1. I find online dating to be a pretty atrocious experience too. I probably don’t really have any concrete prospects at the present moment, and it’s to the point where my parents think I’m either asexual or gay. It’s sad because the quality of guys there online are the quality of guys out in life. I really don’t know what the answer is – prayer/meditation/faith? Because even when I place myself at public-festive events and meet men, they relate to you like you are fun time blow up doll that needs to have no opinions and think anything they want to do is a wonderful idea (and that usually involves immediate sex or dates at their apt)? No thanks.

    So I dropped online dating a while ago, but meeting and dating out in life is just as challenging, b/c those guys (online) are simply guys from out here who are making use of their computer now.

    The whole thing looks really bleak to me. Then as a psychic reader (day job) I speak to those women who would do anything for a man – pretty much everyday.

    These guys have no reason to get better. Sorry don’t mean to bring you down..


    • You didn’t bring me down. I agree with you. What happened to chivalry? Where are those guys that are willing to at least pretend to like you for a whole ten minutes before they text you a picture of their hanging participle? As the mother of a son, he’d lose some punctuation if he acted like these men.

      Don’t settle, Godisx. Being in a relationship that you settled for is worst than being alone. And I’m sure their is a guy wandering around wondering where all the normal women are hiding. Life lasts a long time. You’ll cross paths with him soon enough!!


      • “What happened to chivalry? Where are those guys that are willing to at least pretend to like you for a whole ten minutes before they text you a picture of their hanging participle?” *Exactly*

        You know what? I hate to say it, but I think porn and the whole availability of women on webcam, strip clubs, blah, blah, blah is making men not only lazy but I think they fail to make the distinction when they return to their LIVES. One is fantasy and the women the meet in three dimension populating their world…are reality. I think alot of men are mixing the two up. They think women out in reality are going to be open for communication any kind of way, er….cuz the actresses are.

        People DO forget – those are movies. Smh.

        I’ve been contemplating one such relationship (the nice guy friend who has been here), but there are some deal breakers there not sure about. Like I am thinking, how would that play if that doesn’t subside or disappear in time??? But you’re probably right…lol.

        There’s probably some guy wandering around wondering where all the normal women are. I hope it will be soon!!!

        For you too Bird…


    • Diane, it was highly disconcerting. I guess some of these people think that behavior like that is acceptable these days. I have a list of men I’m going to slap should we ever meet face to face.



  2. Reading this I don’t feel alone. Lol I’m 40 and ending a 20 year marriage. Someone told me to try a dating site and I did. It’s scary and think I may be single for a long time. Lol


  3. no one needs a partner ‘that’ badly to ‘… don’t know till you try’ online ‘dating’.
    I don’t think anyone should be involved with online dating. start with where you are and pray for God to open doors to relationships. all kinds of relationships starting with friendships. let the deeper ones develop naturally from among those real, friendship relationships.
    I don’t support or encourage dating in general. courtship.. even for adults.. is often safer and a more meaningful way of discovering God’s choice for you.
    my two cents.


  4. I have to play the other side of the coin, here, Bird. 🙂 I’ve done online dating a couple of times, & yeah, there are a lot of weirdos & losers out there, but I’ve met some nice guys that way too.

    I have a really difficult time meeting guys in real life, so I chose the internet to help me, semi-anonymously, to weed out the bad eggs, & it’s worked.

    I am currently in a relationship with a man I never would have crossed paths with under “normal” circumstances due to him being in the military. I just don’t meet guys in my normal life, due to the fact that I don’t go out much, don’t belong to any clubs, sports, blah, blah.

    But he’s a total gentleman, & thinks the world of me. He treats me the way I deserve- like a lady.

    Chivalry isn’t completely dead, but it does seem to be hiding, buried behind the monitors.


    • My stepdaughter, Heather, assures me of the same thing. She met her husband through an online site — — and her husband is definitely not a creep. I know it is possible to make this work, but I don’t feel that it is all that important that I find a guy right this minute. I do get lonely sometimes, or bored (which is worse), and I long for a relationship again. I think this time, though, I’m just going to let God bring him to me. I’m a skittish woman anyways; it doesn’t take that much to freak me out.


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