Why I Hate Online Dating

Day Two of Online Dating

dating sucks

I posted this too soon…. Look at his follow up…

dating sucks2


PS: How does one express their looks??? If you have the answer, please let me know. Maybe that’s what I’ve been doing wrong!!

14 responses to “Why I Hate Online Dating”

  1. Don’t you know you shouldn’t hesitate…after all it’s a numbers game and there’s likely a whole lot waiting for him…. I think someone else can have him??

    I’m not sure how you shift the chaff from the wheat ?? But I hope you can..Diane


  2. Hi Bird

    Beauty shows through when you feel beautiful and sexy on the inside. Not arrogantly but self assuredly and confidently. Beauty starts with beautiful thoughts. Your shine from the inside. Your Jesus shine:)


  3. Uh wow, run away from this one. Too desperate = crazy (as in the kind of crazy that might kill you if you ever try to leave him)!


  4. This guy is a jerk. He’s already trying to dominate you. I see big red warning flags all over. Be careful. I too tried the online thing some years back and had similar responses like this guy. Most of them just creeped me out. There may be some good guys out there doing the online dating thing but from what I have found most of them are either predators or have some deep disturbing personality disorders.


  5. I wouldn’t take anything this guy said seriously, he’s pretty nearly unintelligible. The best guys online pay attention to spelling and grammar!


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