A Serious Question; Please Answer Honestly

mel gibson as an angel

Would it be heaven if the angels had mullets? I don’t know. I just don’t know….

— Bird

9 responses to “A Serious Question; Please Answer Honestly”

        • I know there are no words that make any of this magically bearable, but please know that I am praying for you, and I promise, things get better with time. I’m always around if you need to cry on my shoulder! Bless you, Jo!


          • It’s amazing where we find friends. 🙂 that means allot…really.

            Actually..i m doing a lttle game called “test your faith”, and really…without much choice lol…am trying to stay like water,. just follow the next thing.
            And I’ll tell you – there have been moments, as you well know, that I just thought I was gonna curl up and die. And then I always remembered my friend who was so wise and passd fo cancer years ago, he was a psychologist and he said. – jo don’t worry about it – nobody ever died of “an emotion” – only of what they chose to do about it”.
            brilliant boy.
            So, I just sit here…
            and today was magnificent. and last night awesome. john came today and we had an amazing talk – about just different roads and ok to still love each other but not live together. was just nice. we cried…we laughed..and we did stuff we like to do together. perfect.

            I feel the blessing so strongly. I think I figured a big question and the answer is…Heaven is when you feel COMPLETE FREEDOM to be yourself…right here on earth in this life. Nicel. 🙂

            maybe that’s what they’re talkin about 🙂



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