The Prize for Being Right

I’ve often talked about my family


on this blog. The parties involved in this post will know themselves immediately. We didn’t live in the ghetto long enough for you to be acting so ghetto! I’m laying this on really thick, so you two should not be able to miss a thing. 🙂
My mom often told me when I was a little girl, that it was more desirable to be graceful and merciful rather than right. I can think of numerous times throughout my life where I felt like I was in the right and the opposite party was in the wrong. However, I would concede and often apologized to some degree for my part in a disagreement. To me, it wasn’t lying. The Bible says that we are all guilty of bad motives; even our very best motives are like dirty rags in His sight.
You two are stubborn little brats; but I’m surprised at the level of stubbornness this has now reached. I love you both, but you’re both wrong. Each of you has a reason to believe that you are in the right, but as your mother, I can promise you, you’re both wrong. Completely.
In my entire existence on this earth, I’ve never known anyone to win a prize for being right, especially in arguments like these.
Satan, on the other hand, will reward this nonsense with a loneliness – a sense of loss –when you realize how stupid this particular argument is.
What really happened during this episode was that you two realized that y’all had grown up. You two are different people with different goals and different priorities. One is not better than the other. Only different. It’s hard for siblings to readjust and  learn to deal with each other when they move into adulthood. It happens to everyone. But instead of agreeing to disagree, you each remain firm in the thought that you each owe the other one an affirmation of your correctness. That’s stupid. & I didn’t raise stupid children.
As an example, let’s take a look at this post. On the surface, it looks like I am a good mother giving good advice to my two beloved children. The real motive here, should I be honest with myself, is that you two are making me crazy. I love you both, and you’re embarrassing me and worrying me. Surely I did better than this! This is Forgiveness 101!! See? There’s always a selfish motive at the root of everything that we say and do. It doesn’t even matter how embarrassing that is, it’s just a fact.
I’m asking you two to put aside the axes, and forget who is right and who is wrong. Neither of you have much wiggle room in either corner. And if you don’t, I will thump both of your heads. Don’t test me on this. You can’t get far enough away from me to be safe.
I would really like to know what the prize is for being right? I really would. Don’t give up a lifetime of benefits for something that is just a lie straight from the devil. And remember, there’s an entire family that is already broken from the last year and a half. We are all affected by each other. This is hurting all of us.
I know you both will make the right decisions. I love you very much. Pull your heads out of your butts.
love, mom

22 responses to “The Prize for Being Right”

  1. Tomorrow, I will be writing another post. you’re going to like it less than this one. but this has gone on long enough. if we’re all going to get honest, we’re all going to get honest. No one in the family has any wiggle room. we shouldn’t be throwing any stones at each other.


  2. no one ever said being a parent is a piece of cake. do what you have to do so they don’t choose the wrong paths in life, keep the reigns tight with love and guidance . You are doing the right thing


  3. Haha, I don’t know what’s going on, I’m clearly out of your guys loop, but I love the motherly tone to this blog. I wonder if one day I’ll be telling my Lil fell to knock it off in a blog speech 🙂


  4. This is a great post. My sister and I are as different as night and day–always have been but my mom was always so busy dealing with my dad’s shit there really wasn’t a focus on us being good sisters to each other. My mom asked me a couple of months ago why aren’t we close and I told her we are different and that she never encouraged us to have a relationship or bond. Those bonds don’t just happen. I really think it has a lot to do with the effort the parents take. The advice you gave to your daughters is awesome. I wish my mom had realized that we would not bond as sisters unless there was some family effort. We are both older now and our lives are so different. My own sister is really like a stranger to me. I think my blog friends know more about my life than my own family does. Go figure.


  5. The joys of parenthood, but maybe this will give your two food for thought I am estranged from one of my sisters, my choice, sometimes blood ties are not enough to bridge differences but this is the bit to think about before you close that door you do not only close it on the sibling but on nieces and nephews you may have and you may find that is a loss you do not want to handle, in my case it was really unavoidable you two have a lot of years before you before you need to consider that as a conclusion


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