Angry Rant Trumps Cold Silence Anyday

Oh, Bug! You really are your mother’s daughter! 🙂 I see you still have that famous temper!
As I told you today, I’d rather see you rant on this blog then to continue the silence that has been deafening this family for months. At least this was honest. Pretending that something is not bothering you is not.
For a person who wanted her private life to stay private, you sure outted Rebekkah a lot. However, we’ve all strived to be as real as possible on here and this goes along with it. I’m hoping Rebekkah doesn’t out you in the same way… we tend to forget when we’re throwing stones at somebody else they can throw stones right back at us. I believe you’re the one who mentioned that everyone’s windows are dirty. Wise words, my daughter.
If you two will remember, I tried talking to you both simply and nicely and politely. And it got me absolutely nowhere.
I love my children.
I’m your mom, not your Yes Man.
I don’t really care if you get angry at me.
I don’t want to see you make mistakes that you’re going to pay heavy prices for.

Remember, always error on the side of mercy. Always. Don’t be quick to seize on anger, vengeance, or holding a grudge. They rarely pay off. Usually, they end up costing you heavily. My entire last year dealing with Dad and his affair partner should have been good lessons on how vengeance can backfire in the most unexpected ways!
We are all guilty of the same things that we shouldn’t say, or even saying things that we don’t really mean. Words tend to be more powerful than people think. Be careful with them. The universe was SPOKEN into existence. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Words are powerful. Use them carefully.
I love you, baby. You know in your heart of hearts, I want the best for you. Even if it pisses you right the hell off.

Your Unapologetic, Somewhat Proud, Hopeful Mother

2 responses to “Angry Rant Trumps Cold Silence Anyday”

  1. Boy, and the saga continues. Great stuff! Love it. I want to commend you both, for I can tell that in spite of the seemingly, troublesome path you have been forced to confront, you do love each other. Fighting, ranting, badmouthing, and all those negatives will continue to nip at your heels, but love overcomes. God loves you, and so do many of your readers. Blessings.


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