Remember When We Let Our Fingers Do The Walking?

Recently, I’ve been writing an article about men, their wives, and pornography. No. I’m not sharing any real insights or wisdom about the subject. I’m making fun of men who get caught’s excuses for an on-line magazine. 🙂

The problem I ran into is that I needed 5 excuses, but I could only come up with 4, and finally after wracking my brain for a week, I started scoping the internet, trying to shake something loose in my brain to come up with the all-important 5th reason. (I like the title better with a 5 in it instead of a 4.)

I skipped the same, dry articles, and went straight for the heart of America’s wisdom…the comments. I love to wander upon conversations on-line. Here are some I got a kick out of.

1. The question being discussed is “Why won’t my husband stop watching porn?”

Big A... The Man with Answers.
Question asked. Question answered.


2.  The question is “Why do so many women have problems with their husbands watching porn?”

If Dog Plower can't get lucky, what hope do any of us have?!
If Dog Plower can’t get lucky, what hope do any of us have?!

3. This lonely guy takes a chance and advertises for a pretty woman to agree to become his wife.

Hey. It was worth a shot, right?
Hey. It was worth a shot, right?

But, other’s weigh in…

I hope this guy wasn't hoping for too much...
I hope this guy wasn’t hoping for too much…


You just have to love the sad breakdown about pretty women being unloving wives with a bunch of kids already. Poor guy has to choose between a pretty woman who’ll make him sorry he ever lived or something Dog Plower would enjoy.


4. Yahoo‘s very own is the anti-google, in my opinion. I’ve seen the dumbest stuff here. This one was especially mind-numbing.

Packed my bags. Check! Got My Passport. Check! Researched how to not get raped. Check! Let's go to India!!!
Packed my bags. Check!
Got My Passport. Check!
Researched how to not get raped. Check!
Let’s go to India!!!










3 responses to “Remember When We Let Our Fingers Do The Walking?”

  1. pretty is just having nice physical features. having a pretty/cute/hot face/body. being attractive is showing off your beauty through the way you carry your self or your intellegence. being pretty turns heads, being attractive turns heads, and keeps them stairing.


  2. Dave: I learned early on that, like most men, I tend to be visually stimulated and thus easily drawn to notice and be enticed by feminine shapes. I had no issues with pornography, but I needed to learn how to manage my eyes and focus on a woman’s countenance, and not on her body. I had to treat her as a sister, and not store up sexual data that I could use mentally later.


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