Venting About GHETTO Apartment Management…

I’ve never been one to really fight “The Man”. I understand the need for rules and regulations, and for the most part, I comply with them, even if I don’t necessarily agree withPISSED their existence. But lately, I’ve been getting really ticked off at the apartment complex management.

First of all, when I applied to live here, I was very upfront and clear about Jake, my German Shepherd mix. The lady who took my application knew that he was over 35 pounds and looked like a smaller German Shepherd. He’s a mix, but his coloring is definitely shepherd. When I had a hard time getting together the whopping $300 non-refundable pet fee, I kept him with Chef, and again, the lady told me I could bring him home anyways…She knew I’d pay it. Frankly, Jake makes me feel safe in a very unsafe place.

Then, management changed. Suddenly, I’m being harassed constantly about getting rid of the HUGE (oh, please) TWO dogs. Suzy is a rat terrier who weighs under 10 pounds. Every day, I’m getting notes on my door or phone calls about various “problems”, and always they end with a threat to evict me. Jake and Suzy have been living nomadic lives with various friends, but occasionally, I have to take them back for a few hours. It stressed me out so badly, I went to find a house. And I found one, thank God.

Today, I had another note on my door announcing that I haven’t been cleaning up my dog’s “messes” when they potty here. What a load of crap..literally! Never once have I left a mess for people to wander into, and frankly, neither of them have used the facilities in weeks here!! As an added bonus, the management now takes offense to me feeding and watering stray animals.

Just freaking shoot me. I’m always going to feed and water hungry animals. Just go ahead and evict me. Jake and Suzy are on my lease; there is absolutely nothing in the lease about feeding or watering stray animals, and until you actually address the gang problem or the needles and bent spoons littering the sidewalks by my door every morning, I frankly don’t care what your opinion of me or my animals is!! You’ve got your priorities out of order.


Ok. So that is my vent for the day.



13 responses to “Venting About GHETTO Apartment Management…”

  1. Bird, I feel for you and can so relate. After being encouraged for the last six years by landlord to get another dog, when I finally get two rescue puppys I am told there is a problem. I won’t go into all the details as all the claims are bogus and I take very good care of my dogs and my apt. As a matter of fact the place is in better condition than when I moved in because I fixed a lot of things here myself because management always does a half assed job. So, yes, I have been told I have to move although his dogs barks, when you walk past the door and so does the new dog in the apt next door. Why my dogs are being targeted I do not know. I am only imagining since this person does not walk there dog and it shits in his back yard that he is imagining the same friggin mess in my place times 3. Except my dogs get walked 3 times a day, if they poop on the patio I immediatley clean iup because personally I don’t like the smell. Who would have thought that I would that I would be living in a ghetto environment but here I am. I so want to move but what I don’t like is being forced out for fake reasons. This person actualy thought I would be giving up my dogs to stay in the less than desirable space–dear lord get real—-my babies more important.
    hang in there

    ivonne, missy,maddy and marly


    • That’s how I feel about this sad place. I wake up to beer cans, liquor bottles, rigs and spoons…It’s a regular party after dark around here, but my dogs are the problem they are getting twisted about? Oh, spare me. I went into debt to get my animals a safe, welcome place to live. …Now if I could get the squatter ex out of it, I’m on my way!! 🙂


    • Thanks, Terry. No way I’m giving up these poor animals. They’ve gone through this hellish year, too. I rented a house!!! I’m already halfway into it. The apartments weren’t worth the trouble of a fight….I’d rather not live in such a hot spot anyways. 🙂


  2. No more breed-conscious Ruchi Nadkarni, who works for an organisation that promotes adoption of stray animals, says people’s mentality has changed for the better. “According to our 2010 figures, we barely received one call expressing a wish to adopt strays. Last year, the number went up to five. But this year, we get at least 50 calls daily. There has been a 40% increase in the adoption of stray animals,” she says.


  3. Make sure they aren’t targeting you for some unseen reason, like documentation for (so-called) problems they’ve had so they can sell the property, or documentation on you )most likely others so when they raise the rents and folks complain they have back-up paper work dating back about the ‘problems.’ This probably isn’t it, but it’s something. Something sounds awry here and I don’t know what it is.You are being targeted, but the question is why and what for.


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