I Bought A Car!!!!

It’s been crazy around here. Not too long ago, Ernie informed me that my car wasn’t going to make it much longer. Something about heads and oil in the cooling system, or something, but all I knew was that it was now time to start thinking about getting a new car.

I hate buying cars. I hate picking one out. I hate filling out paperwork. I truly, truly hate insurance companies…You get what I’m saying. Add to that list, this time around, I have only my little income to stretch and bend to put a car payment into. After Ernie left, I cried. I have always loved my little green Saturn, and it felt like my world was crashing down around me.

For awhile, I freaked out. Bekkie & I discussed the finances, and I was even more depressed after that talk. In the end, all I could do was pray. So I did.

Occasionally, I wake up with a mission. The day I decided Chef’s truck needed to be busted out of the impound, I just woke up deciding that I was going to make that happen, and I did. I’m kind of known in the family for that kind of thing, so it should have been no surprised that I woke up yesterday with a mission to find, and buy, a new car. There was no money for a down-payment, but I did have my poor dying Saturn. Armed with a clear title, and a vague knowledge of what was ailing the poor car, I started on my quest. Luckily, most of it was done on-line.

As luck would have it, the car dealership I’d earmarked as my first choice, approved me. They had me bring my broken Saturn, a title, and a tidal wave of verification paperwork, down to the lot, and I spent the next 5.75 hours buying a car.

Rebekkah kindly kept a photo-diary of the event which has allowed me to do a pictorial of me buying my first car all by myself!!!!

First: Filling out the mountain of paperwork. That would be the most boring picture ever, so we’ll just skip to Hour No. 3 when it occurred to me that I just might starve to death.

This is me after a bag of Ranch Doritos Chips and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup…both which might have been older than I am….

At any moment, my stomach might have begun to bloat...
At any moment, my stomach might have begun to bloat…

Then, David mentioned the phrase “test drive” and I perked up…

Test Drive = Restaurants
Test Drive = Restaurants

Frankly, Rebekkah and I didn’t care much about the car at that moment. We’d been worn down from paperwork, insurance crap, and starvation… We would have totally been okay with a garbage truck at that point.

Here’s where we test drove the little Chevy Malibu

photo (2)
Located about half a mile from the dealership, we drove like Nascar racers straight to Whataburger. Thankfully, we hadn’t begun bloating yet.

It only occurred to us to  be happy that I’d gotten approved for a new car, with no down-payment, and a very broken Saturn, after we’d woofed down a hamburger and french fries.

This is me happy…and filled…

Guess who got a new car?  This girl!!
Guess who got a new car? This girl!!

And the car we were test driving parked like a champ….

It fit between the lines perfectly.
It fit between the lines perfectly.

But, alas, we didn’t actually select the Chevy Malibu, opting instead to purchase the Buick Century.

I'm independently mobile again!!!
I’m independently mobile again!!!

I’m one happy girl today!!

— Bird

17 responses to “I Bought A Car!!!!”

  1. Any testdrive that involves Whataburger is pretty awesome.

    I grew up in a state without Whataburger and when I first heard the name I thought people were saying Water Burger, which sounded quite gross actually. Glad I got corrected.


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