You Can Take the Girl Out of the Ghetto…..

Not if you lose my truck, I don't!!
Not if you lose my truck, I don’t!!

There are days that I am just in the mood to write, and I’ll sit staring at my laptop, perusing different memories, looking for something that might be interesting. Sometimes I find one, sometimes I don’t.

Today is definitely not one of those days. Today, I know exactly what I want to write about, and yet, I’m over-run with a plethora of different angles that I can steer this story-ship towards. In a warped way, I’ve hit the jackpot, and I don’t know where to spend my first dollar. This day was the gift that just keeps on giving. 🙂

My mom used to tell me it wasn’t polite to laugh at the misfortune that befalls others, and I agree with her 100%. But I do have to ask,  what if it’s funny?  I mean, what if you are genuinely sorrowful for the complication that has landed on someone’s life, and yet your warped gene pool gave you this dark sense of humor, and you just can not help giggling at the absurdity of the situation? I am trying to see this through the stern, adult eyes of a grown woman, but the writer in me is just going insane!

I pondered this little ethical dilemma all day long. Should I write about it, or not. Back and forth, back and forth….

Hey. What can I say. The story is awesome... and I’m only a mere human. Let it be noted that I did wrestle with the decision.

By the time I left work, though, I had stumbled upon a technical way to tell you the story without actually telling you  the story….Below is my letter to the Story Wrecking Company, who handles all towing of vehicles for the City of Tulsa. This isn’t even a fraction of the whole story, which, let’s face it, is going to be magnificent when its been played out. Seriously. Maybe I should wait for it all to play out, but I just can’t.

It’s making my brain bleed not getting to tell you all the whole thing yet!

Let’s think of this as a little appetizer.  🙂 Enjoy!!

Why, yes. I did send it. I was grumpy from lack of sleep and the fact that Chef's newest squeeze LOST his truck.
Why, yes. I did send it. I was grumpy from lack of sleep and the fact that Chef’s newest squeeze LOST his truck.

32 responses to “You Can Take the Girl Out of the Ghetto…..”

    • lol…Ahh, but I still like being around Chef. He’s like a magnet for this stuff, and I consider him my muse!!! Even when we fight, it usually makes me laugh later. In his defense, he says there is nothing going on with The Twit, but there is the fact that he lent her his precious truck to run errands in the middle of the night, and she did go straight to his bedroom to take a nap after walking across OK. I’m just saying… 🙂 This one isn’t causing jealousy…just irritation that she lost maybe the last asset Chef & I own. Lost a truck…lol…Sometimes, I can really, really appreciate this last horrible journey. I really can.


  1. Oh my…there are so many parts to this that scream out …..What????
    or maybe WHAT??? I too don’t wish to be unkind but this has got to be the creme de la creme of the ongoing saga…’The Case of the Misplaced Truck’.. I am being very sarcastic..but it is ‘funny’…Can’t wait to hear if it’s ever found or was it a gift to a would be car jacker…I am trying to remind myself right now not to be mean ….it’s not nice….but I’m losing the battle somewhat…Sorry Chef…Diane


    • lol..At least I wasn’t alone. I honestly thought he was making the story up when I heard it. I kind of freaked out when it proved to be true. I truly am sorry for Chef. That is some really bad luck. But I can’t help but laugh at this scenario. She lost a Red F150. he, he.


  2. This is just amazing. I’ve often been concerned about my wife losing her keys, but never the car. And even if I can’t remember the space, I usually know some google-able land marks.


  3. A whole RED. TRUCK. Now that is remarkable. Lmao!!! This is like one of those stupid ads for car insurance: Have you lost your truck lately? *random woman calling truck by name* Call Progressive, we Bundle everything!! Get the lost vehicle bundle today: forgotten SUVs, misplaced spaceships, and lost trucks. -___-


  4. I love this story! and why? Cause something similar happened not to myself but a vehicle I was trying to have repossessed for the credit union I worked for. According to the recovery agent, our vehicle has not been seen at home or work addresses for little over a week. I finally get our member on the phone and he claimed it broke down so he left it and walked home. Who loses a vehicle?

    No one does, he was lying. He had taken it to a repair shop to get an estimate on a transmission repair and when it was clearly out of his budget he never went back for his vehicle, and after a couple of weeks the repair shop pushed it into the street,where it ended up getting towed away. Your husband, twit most likely parked in a tow a way zone, in about 10 days either of you will receive a lien notice of intent to sell.


    • lol…Storey did let me know that they had my brain-waved husband’s truck. Now to figure out how to get the money together to get it out. I’m pretty sure twit isn’t good for it!


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