8 thoughts on “In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb

  1. I love this post. How thought provoking. I also hope for my big moments to be the quiet kind. Good for you!!!!! Bravo


  2. Why is it we think we have to be the ones to fix people when their broken, when probably all we’re doing is getting in God’s way? This has been my pattern in the past, to patch someone up until they get strong enough to go back out and launch into their next disaster and/or crap on me all over again. Whereas God’s goal is to deal with them until they come across with him, and for some people that takes hitting a really hard bottom. When we get in the way, trying to put a cushion under their butt, the collateral damage, (us), can be very painful. .

    In any case, when a spouse has committed the ultimate sin of breaking that special bond, even if a woman forgives and goes back to the guy, it will never be the same as it was before. It just won’t. Something precious has been destroyed that can never be as it was before it happened. This is no doubt not much comfort to hear, just the truth. However, there is a peace to be found in letting go. Indecision is a peace killer.

    Looking at things from a Christian angle, I don’t think I could ever be happy with someone who wasn’t saved and that didn’t have a love for Jesus and like the bible says, that a man should love his wife like Christ loved the church. How awesome would that be to be loved like that!?


  3. Bird, that was beautiful and articulate. Really, in the big picture, sort of a megatweet about what the road is like when we wives deal with cheating husbands who are very sick.
    It’s just simply frigging complicated. I think your post will help a bazillion other women dealing with the same thing, the same thought processes, the same “What the heck am I supposed to do now?”
    In my own journey, it was explained to me that people in Chef’s position fear three things, dying alone, not being able to get away from pain, and isolation. As his friend, you can help with all of those things. As his wife, your analysis is astute, and would very likely detract from you being able to be that stand up friend that we know you are.
    You’ve got this, sweetie.
    Love you bunches,


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