Love In the Ghetto — It Almost Feels Like Spring

But Ebony set him straight!

But Ebony set him straight!

For those of you who are my friends on Facebook, you probably are aware that last night, we had yet another shooting here at the apartments I live at. Police were everywhere, and a helicopter was used to locate the shooter. I wasn’t really bothered by it other than a bit concerned for Rebekkah, who had gone out with some friends. Thank God for cell phones.

This morning, I looked up how it all turned out last night, figuring it would be good common sense to know if a rabid, gun-wielding gang member was shacked up somewhere close. Below is the article I found, and I’m sorry, but this is just humorous to me.  And they said romance was dead!!!


Tulsa Teen Jailed In Boyfriend’s Shooting – – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |.

Tulsa police arrested a 19-year-old woman for shooting her boyfriend Friday night at the Prescott Woods Apartment complex, 61st and Peoria. Officers were already at the complex when they heard gunfire, according to Sergeant Ryan Woods of the Tulsa Police Department.

“Some of our gang officers were in the area as well,” Woods said. “They located the victim that had been shot once.”

The man, who had been shot in the torso, told officers his girlfriend Ebony Hill shot him during an argument after he told her he was going to sleep with another girl. 

Hill was booked into the Tulsa County Jail on a complaint of shooting with intent to kill.”

Best advice I could give any man around this area of town is to not assume your dealing with a girl schooledthat doesn’t carry a gun and isn’t willing to pop one off in yo’ a$$.
Dude was schooled!
— Bird

21 responses to “Love In the Ghetto — It Almost Feels Like Spring”

  1. HAHAHA! Oh man, that is so bad it is hilarious. OK, I’m an idiot, so “You’ve been schooled” basically means “Taught a lesson”? 🙂


  2. Wow! Delusions of grandeur – so right!


  3. blogventer says:

    That’s right, bitch! (And your husband outta be damned glad you didn’t know ‘Hood rulz when he left you.) 😉


  4. I can imagine one of the reasons you reacted the way you Diane


  5. Oops! Delusions of glandeur! Ha! 🙂


  6. e1aine says:

    Made me laugh too!


  7. parrillaturi says:

    All I can say is, Ouch! That’s what I call, “Explosive Love.” It’s hard to imagine someone using you for target practice. Blessings.


  8. paulaacton says:

    wonder if she shot him where it would ensure he wasn’t sleeping with anyone else hehehehe


  9. mkslagel says:

    Wow! There seems to be so much domestic violence involving guns these days. You are suppose to feel the safest around your partner and yet they are killing each other more and more.


  10. morgandecker says:

    There are some crazy people out there! A dominos pizza man got shot by my complex recently (he survived), but I am unsure if there was any “romance” involved!


  11. You know, he probably wasn’t even serious when he told her he was going to cheat on her, but it just goes to show how careful we have to be in these times. Sometimes we feel a bit immature and we say things to get a reaction out of the other person- guess he didn’t expect to get one of that magnitude.


  12. rcutting says:

    You know he probably wasn’t even serious when he said it- just goes to show how careful we need to be in these times. Sometimes we say things just to get a rise out of others you know?


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