It’s Getting Hot in the Ghetto

It would seem that Chef has reconsidered his position and has agreed to give me my uncontested divorce. Since I was quick to post his stupidity, I felt it was only right to post that he had come to his senses again rather quickly. Thank you, Chef. 

Of course, he hasn’t actually signed the paperwork yet, but I just have this feeling he won’t back out again. Color.Me.Happy.

Now on to another subject. I’m thinking that I’m going to probably have to move out of my

A pretty common scene around my apartment complex. But hey! At least they actually show up over here.
A pretty common scene around my apartment complex. But hey! At least they actually show up over here.

little ghetto home. This week, Tulsa had a gruesome set of murders, (read about it here —4 Women Murdered) in the apartments next to mine. Yes. You could literally see the apartments from our courtyard. Earlier in the week, we had a gang shooting in the parking lot where my car is usually parked. It’s getting a tad bit hot in the ghetto, and after talking to Ernie and Diane, I’m thinking that it would probably be better if I found a new residence in a safer zone. Fox 23 here in Tulsa aired a piece talking about how out of the 6 murders that had happened in Tulsa in 2013, 5 of them happened over here where I live. It doesn’t inspire me to feel safe.

What is even creepier is that two of the women that were murdered were 23-year-old twins named Rebekah and Caytlyn. Now if you are new around here, let me fill you in. My daughters, while not twins, are named Rebekkah (24) and Caitlyn (21). That made my skin crawl. I’m currently researching whether or not I can get out of my lease, and if I can, I’m thinking of heading to live in Tahlequah. I have excellent friends there, and it seems cheaper and safer to live there. So, if you would, say a little prayer that God direct me where He wants me. Thanks!!

I’m exhausted from my battle of wills with Chef, so I’m going to take a flu-induced nap. TTYL!




13 responses to “It’s Getting Hot in the Ghetto”

  1. Oh wow! Well, I’m glad to hear Chef is no longer contesting the divorce, but yeah, you need to move out of that place! Praying God provides a safe haven for you and your girls.


  2. I just now processed your previous post, wow, there just aren’t words to express how we can be so given so much drama to process all at one time. I know you will find a new, much more suitable home…birds always do. 🙂 Fly, girl!


  3. In my early 20’s I lived in the same kind of neighborhood but I loved my apartment. We had a drive by shooting and I was in the back bedroom and never heard it. I just happened to go into the kitchen and saw lights flashing. I ended up having to move too. I feel for ya! I can’t imagine having been near where someone was murdered.


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