Fast Cars and Freedom – by Bug

Recently, I moved into the middle of the desert. Most of its appeal was that it was the direct opposite from where I was. I left a godforsaken island in the middle of the ocean so far north that we see snow in October, to a vast barren wasteland that doesn’t get

2007-2009 Jeep Wrangler photographed in Alexan...
2007-2009 Jeep Wrangler photographed in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Category:Jeep JK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

below 45 degrees in the heart of winter.

I like it better here. For now. I’m assuming that has something to do with the fact that instead of having to get up early to shovel my car out of the three foot pain in the ass every morning, I now only have to get up early to drive into work. That is a 45 minute drive. Levi usually drives it for two reasons (more on that later) while I nap.

Back in Japan I had a nice reliable Honda Inspire. It cost me about 1500$, ran like a champ, and was comfortable. He even had a name: Henry. I called my Honda Henry because it seemed like an old man’s luxury car. If you have never seen one then I suggest google. Its like a Crown Vic, but not as classy. The U.S.S. Henry was a more apt name, it drove like a boat, but, due to my boyfriends insistence on calling it that, I had a  decided dislike of the name. It was like slandering my grandfather. I loved it. Sadly, I had to leave it there. Too much paperwork, money, and hassle to move a car from overseas when it doesn’t meet U.S. safety standards.

We’ll say that I wasn’t too eager to get a new car. I had a ride everyday. I was never late to work. It just wasn’t a priority.

After Levi graduated ALS, however, it became apparent that it wasn’t just a want situation anymore. You see, if one of us gets sick, we have to drive ALL THE WAY to the base to get a note from our on base clinic to make the drive ALL THE WAY back to a local hospital. Which neither guarantees a ride to work or back. And at Edwards, any way is out of the way.  The only people I would ask live in entirely different towns. The base’s area has its own zip code.

This concern did not weigh heavy on my mind. However, Levi (the good boyfriend that he is), was on a mission to find me transportation just in case. So, he found one. But was waiting to surprise me with his choice. All I knew was it was affordable and we would go the weekend after thanksgiving. Things did not play out that way.

What had happened on Saturday was our overdue stop at Mazda to get his oil changed. Then we were going to head out to L.A. to meet up with friends. The oil and tire rotation usually takes a while, so we decided to wonder the used car lots, see what the hubbub was.

Little did I know we were being watched. Two steps into the Chevy lot and a salesman pounced.  No amount of polite “it’s alright, we’re just looking” comments would dissuade him. We made small talk and were followed of from car to car, noted which ones we lingered at and finally he made a suggestion that meant little to me, but Levi perked up quite a bit.

“Would you like to test drive a 2012 Cruze? It’s a manual.”

Levi, indeed, wanted to drive a new manual 2012 Cruze. I can’t drive anything that isn’t automatic (which multiple people have tried to remedy) so I just shrugged and got in for the ride.

I watched a changed in my significant other as we got on the highway. I knew. I KNEW that he had been sold. As we rounded back into the lot I could practically hear the “baby, do you want this one?” But of course, he wouldn’t say that in front of the salesman.

So, being the push-over that I am, I didn’t wait for the puppy dog eyes, “I like it.” That is all it took, the clerk came back and we were whisked away to the three hours worth of paperwork that comes with getting a new car. Apparently, Levi had enough money for a down payment and his credit was good enough to be my co-signer.

I got a car that I can’t drive. But hey, its in my name.

It was firmly established that he would rather drive my new car than his still-new Mazda, but I didn’t mind, I like the Mazda. I drove it for exactly one day.

Later he told me the car that was intended for me was a used Jeep Wrangler (which I love) that would have been about 15,000$ less than what we ended up with. I have mixed emotions. My wallet is still sore from the recent abuse its taken. But that’s not even the best part of the story.

I lost my license.

Poof. Gone. Now, I have a car I can’t drive and I don’t have a license even if I could. We are back at square one.

Thankfully, Oklahoma with mail you one back if you send your information. This is going to be a long three weeks.


3 responses to “Fast Cars and Freedom – by Bug”

  1. well all of that just doesn’t sound thrilling to me. you don’t get what you wish, and then u can’t drive it and now no license. someone is protecting you from something bad


    • I didn’t really think of it that way… but I see your point. The salesman’s name was Will Smith though. I bought a car from Will Smith. Honestly, how many people can say that?


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