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I’m detecting a new trend in relationships. Hopefully everyone born in the 80s or earlier remember the good old days. The days when people actually spoke on their phones. Regularly. The days of 2 main forms of communication. Face to face, or voice to voice. E-mail was available, but used mainly for business or long distance friends. 

Now we have cells phones. We being everyone. All of us have phones. We have a tiny invisible string coming from our hearts to our phones. 

I, however, have broken away. I noticed a disturbing pattern. Guy meets girl in the line of the Walgreens checkout counter. Girl gives guy number. Guy texts. Girls tries to set time for call. guy evades and continues texts. One week later, guy and girl go on awkward first date. Guy gets handsy. 

Girl takes off because we just met. Hands off, and who raised you?


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