Bugletto – She Will Not Be Ignored


I love technology. Lately, because we’re sick of the limited selections on television, we signed up for Netflix. We got a free month, and frankly it’s worth the $8.00 a month to me. Yes, a lot of the stuff is old, but the selection is cool.

I am an insomniac to a huge degree, and I will fall asleep, wake up, fall asleep, wake up..all night long. So, I find myself watching old series on Netflix throughout the night. And because you have to be logged onto the internet to use Netflix, a lot of my friends/family think that I’m actually on the computer all night long. Bug was one of those people. Being in Japan, she is on a whole crazy time line I’m not on. She’s asleep when my day is just starting, and going to work as I get ready for bed. And, as a further mind twister, she’s always one day ahead of us which I try not to figure out because I just know I’ll grow a tumor in my brain if I think about it too much. 🙂

Yesterday was a hard day, because of the whole breaking away from the past thing, and I was a tiny bit sad about it. Nothing like the past, but still, I hate when I’m forced to walk away from problems that by my very nature, I want to help with. It blows, but that’s life, right?

Then, I saw this up on the screen, and I’ve been laughing ever since:

LOL..Bug won’t be ignored.

Evidently, Bug, who wasn’t brought into the loop about our recent subscription to Netflix, thought that we were ignoring her calls…(Note: Please note the times that she was calling and we weren’t answering). Finally, she sent us the Big Message:


Lol…Oh Lord, how I love my kids!!

Meet the Bugletto. She will not be ignored.

— Bird



9 responses to “Bugletto – She Will Not Be Ignored”

  1. You can get a ROKU for about fifty to ninety dollars, a one time charge for the box, and watch Netflix, Amazon, Pandora and many other things on it. The only charge is for things like Netflix and since you have that anyway, it would not cost you extra. All you would have to do is register your ROKU with Netflix and watch it on your regular tv. the Roku hooks to your internet and frees up the computer for whatever else you want to use it for. I have two and do not use cable or satellite anymore. It saves me about fifty or more dollars a month that I used to spend on dish. God bless you!


    • You know how your cable box gives you a selection of tv programs? Roku is a little box that gives you a wide selection of programs that you can subscribe to. Most are free, such as a lot of channels that just offer movies, or Amazon movies, or Netflix, there are also things like Huffington post tv, glen beck tv, games such as angry birds, radio like tune in, or 360 and pandora. There are a lot of different channels that you can subscribe to from news, to weather. Unlike cable or satelitte, you only pay for the box once, if you already have netflix there is no extra charge for it, if you don’t and you want it, you just pay the monthly fee. If you are interested here is the link: http://www.roku.com/
      I am not a rep or anything, I just own it and save money because I only pay for what I want to watch.


  2. Sleeping like you do is not the best for your health and stamina…Is this just since everything blew up or always? I’ve had that kind of sleep..in the past and I sure didn’t feel rested the next day…Hope it improves somehow even with some temporary sleep aids.

    Anyway it’s good you got a good laugh…that always makes one feel better. I would guess your daughter wasn’t laughing though…Diane


    • Hi, Diane. The sleep thing has been a problem as long as I can remember. It has to be hormonal because all 5 of my mother’s children battle the same thing, and my mom was the same way. Your body gets used to it, and since I’ve stopped using Ambien — I am evidently a mean human on that stuff – I sleep less, but the sleep I do get feels better. Bug is funny. She is always making me laugh when I see what she writes on FB, and I’m thinking she wrote that because she wanted us to laugh. She has excellent self-esteem so not answering the phone in the middle of the night wouldn’t really bother her. Plus, she has been trying to make me laugh more lately probably because of all this stuff happening.


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